Your Furry Quilting Companions


Danielle Houston shares, “I love that you are doing an article on pets in our sewing rooms. They are integral part of every project and can’t imagine sewing without my wonderful Angus. He is a huge help and loves ironing! Lol”

Angus the Ironer
Angus the Ironer

Karol Iyer of Abingdon, Virginia, shares, “As I quilt, the white female GINGER stays by the cutting table and the black and silver male BANDIT guards the ironing board…..the red baby female HEIDI now stays next to the sewing machine with me…..I use the floor to layout my quilts so naturally I vacuum before, but they all think it’s an invitation to come lay down on the quilt top…….gotta love em……! I try to roll off as much fur as I can but there’s always a lot to go around…”

Ginger, Bandit and Heidi - The quilting companion pack!

Rhonda Pringle says kitty is loud and clear, “Stop what you’re doing and pay attention to me!”

Stop what you are doing and pay attention to me!

Pam Richards of Cloverdale, IN, shares, “This is my “brat” — he loves to lay on my lap — he always follows me — to the basement to sew or my chair.”  

Stephanie Z. Ruyle shares, “Thank you for collecting #dogonquilt photos…Let me introduce, my helper, Sandi. Please feel free to choose the photo you like best….. I like them all.” – We agree. Here they are…

TNT Quilting shares, “I have 4 cats, but Smokey, my 15 lb. fat boy “helps” the most. He loves to curl up on the back side of my machine when I piece a quilt, purring with my machine as my strips or chains fall over his back. When it is time to cut, he joins me by taking up half my cutting board and trying to lend his tell as a ruler. And don’t forget the ironing board. He makes sure I do everything right. When it is finally time to FMQ, he provides the weight so the portion of the quilt not under the needle does not fall of the table. And last but not least, he guards my supplies at all times so the kids don’t run off with mom’s scissors. Not sure how sleeping on scissors is comfortable, but he does it.”  

Patty Happel shares, “These two. If you look close you can see the edge of a lap quilt behind them. Together they weigh about 12-13 lbs.” 

Linda Allen shares, “Cupcake maust always inspect the quilts. Lol” 

Tirzah Lujan shares, “Toby and Jack.”

Carolina Asmussen shares, “Owwww, “nobody” does this here.”

“Why 1 year old Bearded Collie, GRRady of course…”

Susannah Kipp shares:

Our Lab, Merlin, laid claim to this quilt while it was still under construction.  He doesn’t even mind all the pins.

Our cats, Lewis and Clark, are always exploring my sewing room looking for soft spots to cuddle up.  They are especially fond of batting.

This is GG.  She is a 4.5 lb, very-soon-to-be 10 year old Maltese/Chihuahua mix.  Her birthday is March 6th!  She is my constant companion, always following me to quilt world!  I was in the process of binding this quilt when she made herself comfortable. – Liz Weber

Want your furry quilting companion to show up here? Please send a photo with description to: or post their pictures on our Facebook wall.

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