How Quilters Celebrate Finished Projects


Last week we asked out about the projects you are working on and the ways you celebrate getting them finished. Take a look at what quilters like you had to say and don’t miss the list of ways they celebrate!

What types of projects are you working on right now?

9 out 10 are working on quilts! No surprises there.

3 out of 10 are working on wallhangings.

2 out of 10 are working on tablerunners.

1 out of 10 is making a tote or purse.

1 out of 10 is participating in a sew along.

From this we learn that it only takes ten quilters to make sixteen projects! Keep up the great work.

How long does the average project take for you to complete?

20+ hours was the popular answer. Several wrote in that it took weeks or months to complete a project.

Some projects are quick and easy, others we invest hours and hours.

To figure out what your average time is, keep track of your creative time on a calendar. Each time you sit down to work on a project note the name of the project on that day. When at the end of the day, or the next day, note how many hours you spent on it. Total up the hours for each project when you finish. After you’ve completed several, add all the hours together and divide them by the number of project.

Which month of the year do you complete the most quilt projects?

February is the winner!  In July, less than 4% of quilters are getting projects finished.

What is your favorite time of day to work on quilting projects?

Afternoon is the quilter’s favorite time of day for putting in a few stitches. Nearly 50% of quilters reporting afternoon as their preference.

And best of all…

What’s your favorite way to celebrate finishing a project?

We couldn’t resist sharing the responses with you. We’ve left duplicates for added emphasis to the favorites! To all of you who added to the list. Thank you so much for sharing. It’s a joy to celebrate with you.

A lovely glass of wine:)
Show it to friends then give it away
Taking it to “show and tell”
Buying new material to make another project!
Show and tell at quilt guild and plan another project and gather the fabric ( either from my stash or going shopping!)
A “Giving” party for the recipient & taking pictures together of quilt, and new caregiver.
A big happy sigh, finally finished!
A cup of tea and a snack. My husband has perfected several low-carb, sugar-free recipes for me.
A glass of wine and planning for the next project
A good movie and a glass of wine!
A great cup of joe while looking at the quilt displayed over the sofa.
A half glass of wine and a smile
A nice cold martini
A pat on the back and share pictures.
A photo and documentation in a Quilt Book Diary
A quick, rousing “Whoo Hoo!!!” cheer, then start thinking about what I want to work on next!!
A sigh of relief.
Add a label and Take lots of pictures in every angle to show the work.
Adding a label and getting a photo of it.
Admiring it.
After completing a project I have fun looking thru my UFO’s looking for one that hollers out to me….”finish me next”
Announcing my last stitch & posting pix!
Another project never ending
Attaching the label!
Banana split and start next project
Beginning the next one!
Breathe a sigh of relief and a pat on the back for a job well done.
Bringing it for show and tell with my guilds.
Bringing it to my quilt group and sharing it for Sew and Tell
Buy another
Buy more fabric !
Buy more fabric for future projects.
Buy more fabric!!!!
Buy more fabric. Start another
Buying fabric for my next quilt idea.
Buying more fabric- getting more project ideas!
Buying more fabric to start a new quilt.
Buying more fabric!
Buying more fábrica.
Buying more favorite and giving finished quilt away
By giving it to the person I made it for.
By moving on to the next one!!
By sewing the binding down to the back of the quilt
By starting a new one
By starting a new project.
By using it or gifting it right away.
By using it.
By using it; sharing it; hanging it and just generally enjoying it.
Caffeine & chocolate!
Call and text picture to quilting friends. Several of us do this.
Call my quilting friend
Calling my sister in law and sharing it with her
Calling the person I made it for and make plans to deliver it. Seeing their face when they get it.
Calorie splurge
Candy bar
Celebrate the word DONE, then go into the next project
Check it off my list!! Tell my friends.
Cheer and start the next project.
Chocolate, then gifting the quilt usually
Chocolates and glass of wine!
Choosing another one!
Clean my room and get everything back in its proper location
Clean my studio and start a new project.
Clean the studio and start the next project.
Clean up and a treat!
Clean up and start a new project
Clean up my sewing room
Clean up sewing room
Clean up sewing room and start another quilt
Clean up, reorganizing the sewing area. Sharing with others.
Clean up, sort fabric and start another quilt.
Cleaning my sewing room and lots of pictures
Cleaning my space and moving on to something else
Cleaning the sewing room for the next project
Cleaning up and starting a new project!
Cleaning up my quilting room
Cleaning up my sewing room
Cleaning up sewing room
Cleaning up the mess afterward.
Cleaning up the mess that I’ve made…and posting pictures on Facebook
Cleaning up the sew studio
Clearing up the leftover mess in my sewing area
Coffee and donuts
Coffee and taking pictures of the project 🙂
Completing the label!!!
Crossing it off my list!
Crossing out the finished project on my list of UFOs
Cup of hot tea
Cutting a new one or going into my UFO stash to finish off another one.
Dancing around and saying “I’m finally finished”
Decide which quilt I am going to work on next ans work on designsfor overage of existing blocks
Deciding what new project will be next.
Deciding what to do next.
Delivering it to its new home, whether charity, church bazaar or person.
Delivering it to the person its made for.
Delivering to the person it was created for
Display in living room
Display it in the quilt rack
Displaying it
Displaying it or giving it away
Displaying it!
Displaying it. On a bed or wall or the back of a sofa or chair.
Displaying on bed, or gifting it.
Do a board puzzle
Do a happy dance and show my husband and quilt
Do a happy dance!
Do a little happy dance and call my quilting buddy.
Do not celebrate, just go on to the next one…
Do other projects for a while.
Do the done dance
Doing a happy dance
Doing a happy dance. Especially after a project that has taken a long time to complete.
Eat chocolate
Eating chocolate and sending out snaps of my project on social media.
Eating out!
Email pics to quilty friends!
Enjoy a glass of wine
Enjoy looking at it, sharing photos of it, or wearing what I’ve made.
Enter it in a quilt show see what it will win
Enter it in the local quilt show.
Figuring out what I am going to do next
Finding a new one and shopping for or looking in the stash for fabrics
First, sharing with husband. Then, posting on my albums, and the sharing with my Sew & Sews girlfriends
Get a potted plant
Gifting it!
Gifting it.
Girlfriend lunch! Fabric shopping!
Give it away and enjoy the joy of the person who received it.
Give myself permission to start something New!! 🙂
Giving away.
Giving it away and experiencing the joy of it!
Giving it away and starting another one.
Giving it to its owner and sharing with my quilt guild.
Giving it to person for celebrating a significant event i.e. birthday, anniversary, graduation.
Giving it to someone special!
Giving it to someone who appreciates it
Giving it to the person I made it for and watching their expression.
Giving it to the person I made it for.
Giving it to the person it was made for.
Giving it to the person/group I made it for or, if actually for us, hanging or placing it and taking photos, THEN I start looking for my next project with great joy and anticipation!
Giving it to the recipient!
Giving the finished project to the person, or placing it in its new home. Clothing, first time wearing it to church if appropriate.
Giving the quilt to the person it was made for.
Giving the quilt to the recipient!
Giving them as gifts to my Grandest Grandchildren
Glass of wine
Glass of wine!!
Go buy more fabric!
Go out to dinner
Going out to dinner
Going out to dinner!
Going out to shop at a quilt shop with quilting friends.
Going to the quilter to have it machine quilted.
Haha, you’re assuming I finish them all. 🙂
Handing it over to the long-arm quilter
Hang it my favourite spot and enjoy the finished project.
Hang it on the quilt rack for a day or two to enjoy it before turning it into the Linus Project for distribution
Hang it or send it to intended recipient
Hang it up
Hang it up or display it.
Hang it, look at it a long time, clean my studio with proof of my ability to finish an idea hanging in plain sight, and then start pulling fabric for the next effort.
Hang the project up, photograph it and/or share it with the people in my needle arts group.
Hanging it or giving it away.
Hanging it up, putting a picture on Facebook
Hanging the quilt outdoors to take a nice picture, and seeing the pleasure and surprise on the recipient’s face.
Hanging the quilt.
Hanging up on my design wall
Happy dance!
Have a cookie
Have a cup of tea and a snack
Have a cup of tea and just look at it.
Have an ice cream cone!!
Having a glass of wine
Having it professionally quilted
Having the time to start a new project that has been turning over in my brain for a while.
Heaving a sigh of relief, and moving on to the next one.
Hmm. Never thought about celebrating. Just move on to the next.
I am so thrilled to finish I sit and look at it
I celebrate by starting a new project.
I celebrate by starting a new quilt.
I celebrate by starting another project!
I clean up my sewing room and get ready for the next project
I do take pictures of all my work….. family always has to see, then either gift it or display it…… and plan my next project!
I don’t have a celebration but maybe I should start making a celebration in order to make myself complete projects in a more timely manner.
I like to read a book or peruse fabrics for my next quilt.
I like to share my completed project with friends and we talk about the ease, difficulty, fun share thoughts about the project.
I love to take pictures of the quilt when it is all finished.
I make a file folder with all my drawings and patterns. Sometimes include fabric scraps or special templates. I keep files as a record of what I’ve done.
I photograph it and share with all my friends and family.
I post it in my Instagram and Facebook for my friends to see.
I record it in my project book as finished
I relish cleaning up the sewing room…to get ready for the next one!!!
I show it off to friends.
I show it to my husband and maybe friends in club
I show the finished project to others
I sit in my sewing room and work on reorganizing my room.
I start another!
I take a photo for my own record and pack the quilt for shipping to its recipient.
I take a photo for my scrapbook.
I take a picture of it.
I take it to my local charity group and give it away.
I take photos to remember the project by since I give almost everything away.
I take pictures and upload on Facebook and on my own website.
I take pictures of all my projects because it’s fun to go back and look through them again!
I text family and friends pictures of my finished quilt
I usually drape it over the couch for a little while to see what I’ve accomplished.
I usually gift them and demand the praise they deserve.
I wash it and give it away.
If it’s a gift, then when I gift the quilt. When I see the recipients face light up, it makes me so very happy!
Instagram post
It’s not often I have time to finish something, much less celebrate!
Just glad that I am done with something
Just knowing it’s done and I can move on to the next one!
Just relaxing
Just showing people what I did
Just sitting back and enjoying it.
Labeling the project
Laundering it and using it or giving it to person made for
Lay it in the middle of the living floor so my family can admire it!
Lay it out on a spare bed for a while to admire and think about what I learned.
Laying it out and looking at it complete. Taking a photo of it
Laying it out to look at frequently and taking a photo of it
Leave it where I pass by often, and look at it.
Leave the project out where I can look at it and enjoy it for a few days before I donate it or give it to the intended recipient
LOL, my favorite way to celebrate a finish is to start the next quilting project!
Look at it and admire it.
Look at the next project!
Look for a new project to work on!
Look for inspiration to begin another project.
Looking at it and using it or giving it away.
Looking at it for a few days, avoiding cleaning up the chaos in the sewing room.
Looking at it for a while because it amazes me that it’s finished.
Looking at it!
Looking at it!!! Keeping it out for awhile before it is given away or put on a bed!
Looking at what, I have completed maybe take a photo. And then start another project.
Looking for another
Looking for my next project
Mail it off and wait for a photo and a smile.
Make a small project to enjoy that sense of accomplishment some more.
Making pictures of project and being pleased with myself that I did this. Pride in accomplishment.
Most of the time I start on the next one.
Move on to the next one.
Move on to the next project
Move on to the next UFO or project, of course!
My favorite way to celebrate finishing a project is to take a photo of it and start a new project.
Oh yea! sometimes send a text photo.
Packing the finished project up and taking it to the post office to mail it than going out to dinner
Photo shoot of the project…
Photograph and scrapbook
Photograph to my online group.
Photographing it and posting it on Facebook and/or my Etsy site, or giving it to someone.
Photographing it.
Photos of it
Pick fabric for another project
Pick out the fabric for next project
Picking out the next project
Pictures and documentation!
Pictures and Facebook post
Pictures and sharing that with friends
Pictures, a blog post and then using it!
Placing in washer, then cuddle my face into it
Plan for the next one
Plan for the next project~
Plan next quilt
Plan the next one!
Planning my next project.
Post a picture
Post a picture on my social media page & show n tell at guild.
Post it online, share with quilt group.
Post a photo to my internet group and several friends
Post on Facebook
Post on social media
Post pic to Facebook. Clean up the sewing room mess.
Post to Instagram
Posting a picture on Facebook
Posting a picture to my friends.
Posting it online and show and tell
Posting it on social media.
Posting on Facebook
Posting on Facebook and then giving it to whomever it was made for!
Posting on guild website.
Posting photos of my quilts on Facebook to share with friends and family
Posting photos on social media
Posting pics on Facebook
Posting pictures
Posting the projects final pictures into my computer finished quilt file and then aLlowing the project to function in it’s new purpose or home. Diving into the next project wholeheartedly.
Presentation to receiver
Presenting it to the person.
Presenting it to whoever it’s made for.
Put it in use
Put it on a design wall and photograph it then send the picture to a quilting buddy for show and share.
Put it out to display or use right away, or, if a gift, to give it away
Putting it in a quilt show.
Putting it on display at my guild
Putting it on my bed to sleep under
Putting the label on the back, taking pictures, then wrapping it in tissue paper, and placing it in my grandfather’s oak wardrobe (built 1914 – receipt still pasted to the back).
Putting the last stitches in the binding!
Putting the project into use or gifting.
Quickly start on my next project
Quilt guild show and tell, or sharing it with friends
Read a book, especially Biographies of Historical persons
Read a good book
Read a quilt book or magazine.
Record it as finished.
Recording completed with a photo.
Regroup and pick the next project
Relax, take a deep breathe and smile
relaxing and thinking of my next project.
relaxing, arranging the gifting
Rest (right after cleaning the quilt studio) for five days before starting the next project
Reward with more fabric to replace that just used, or add to my book collection
Seeing it finished
Seeing the persons face when I give them their gift
Select the next project to work on — buy fabric
Send a picture to my quilting friends.
Send an e-mail photo to quilting buddies
Send photos to family and friends
Send pics to friends
Send pics to friends who are quilters
Send pictures of completed project to friends.
Sending a photo of the finished project to my best friend, who is also an avid quilter, and calling to discuss it.
Sending pictures of it to my friends.
Sending pictures of the finished project to friends
Set up a new one
Sewing on a label and starting a new project.
Sewing on the label
Sewing the binding and label on signals that a quilt is done .I am then ready to move onto another project. As a retiree I sew whenever I want and love it!
Share at guild show and tell and take a picture
Share completed project with family
Share it with my quilting groups then give it away.
Share my finished project with my online quilting group.
Share on FB and at the next guild meeting’s show and tell.
Share photo of finished product with family.
Share quilt with quilty friends
Share results with quilt group!
share with friends and family.
Share with guild and on Facebook
Share with my quilt group
Share with my special quilting friends.
Share with other quilters
Share with small group or on Facebook.
Share; picture; some project are gifts
Sharing a photo on social media
Sharing a photo with a quilty friend.
Sharing at guild
Sharing at Quilt Guild
Sharing it with my guild.
Sharing it with my husband!
Sharing it with my small quilt group.
Sharing it with quilting friends
Sharing my finished project with others.
Sharing photo with friends
Sharing photos of the completed project.
Sharing photos with family & friends.
Sharing picture with family and quilting friends.
Sharing pictures or the project itself with my quilting friends.
Sharing pictures with friends
Sharing the finished project with my quilting friends who may have seen it as a work in progress.
Sharing the quilt with my Advanced Applique Workshop group – best support ever! Then I sleep under it for the first night!
Sharing with a friend.
Sharing with fellow quilters
Sharing with friends during show-and-tell.
Sharing with friends who also quilt!
Sharing with friends.
Sharing with my quilt circle and show and tell at my guild.
Sharing with my quilt friends- show and tell at guild meeting
Sharing with other quilters.
Shop for more fabric!
Show & tell at guild meeting
Show & Tell at Guild!
Show & Tell at my guild meeting and bee meetings.
Show & tell to quilt friends.
Show & tell with friends
Show and tell
Show and tell
Show and tell
Show and tell at Craft Group
Show and tell at guild
Show and Tell at my small group which is part of a large guild
Show and tell at my weekly quilt group
Show and tell at quilt club
Show and Tell at Sewing group
Show and tell at the fabric store I work at or at my quilt guild.
Show and tell at the guild
Show and tell on Facebook, carry it in the car to show friends and family
Show and tell then clean my studio space
Show and tell to friends & family then start a new one before the last scrap hits the floor!!!
Show and tell with everyone and I have usually done something on the next project, so that may now come out
Show and tell with friends and other quilters
Show and tell with my friends.
Show and tell with my sister and at quilt guild. Then start the next project
Show and Tell with other quilters.
Show it at Guild mtg and later give it away
Show it at quilt guild.
Show it off at Bring and Brag at my quilt guild
Show it off on Instagram and to my fellow quilters in our Bee
Show it off to anyone who will look at it!
Show it off to everyone!
Show it off to family! =)
Show it off to friends and guild
Show it off to my husband
Show it off to my husband.
Show it off!
Show it to a quilting friend
Show it to everyone I know
Show it to family and friends and post picture on Facebook
Show it to friends
Show it to friends and other quilters
Show it to friends.
Show it to my quilting buddies.
Show it to my sister and she shows hers to me and we admire how clever we are!
Show my family and take a good photo of it
Show my husband & occasionally post photo on Facebook.
Show my husband, post a picture on social media and then give it away.
Show my neighbors; take a picture; show & tell at quilt guild
Show n’ Tell at my quilt guild meeting.
Show n Tell plus a glass of wine!
Show n Tell with close friends
Show off! Lots of pictures
Show quilting friends
Show the finished project to others who will appreciate it. Then, clean up my mess and get ready for the next project.
Show the quilt to my husband, and he says, uh-huh, and back to basketball he goes. Then I take a picture of it and put the picture in my quilt album.
Showing everyone what I finally accomplished
Showing finished project to my quilting pals
Showing friends and family finished project.
Showing husband, taking a picture and show and tell at my quilting group
Showing it off – then planning the next one.
Showing it off at my Quilt Guild’s Show & Tell
Showing it off to family and friends.
Showing it off to family.
Showing it off!
Showing it to friends
Showing it to friends and family.
Showing it to my bee.
showing it to my daughter
Showing it to my husband and eating a piece of chocolate.
Showing it to my husband.
Showing it to my quilt group and then giving it away.
Showing it to my quilting buddies.
showing it to my quilting friends for their comments and also non-quilting family.
Showing it to my quilty friends!
Showing my daughter and husband first and then my small quilt group!!!
Showing my family the finished quilt
showing my husband 🙂
Showing off a picture of finished project.
Showing off the quilt to anyone who will listen!
Showing the piece to my family – whether they want to see it or not!
Showing the quilt or project at a guild meeting
Showing to friends.
Show-n-tell at my quilting group.
Show-N-Tell with friends, family and guild members.
Sigh of relief
Sitting back & thinking yay, I really did it!
Sitting back and looking at it!
Sitting back and looking at what I created.
Sitting down and sighing.
Slowly hand stitching the binding. Every stitch is a sigh of gratitude and a farewell.
Snap pictures.
Some times do a show n tell at guild.
Spread the completed while on the back of the couch and admire it for several days.
Stand back and admire it, and smile.
Start to look for the next thing to do, maybe crochet something
Staring at it for awhile
Start a new one
Start a new one — and buy some fabric!
Start a new one!
Start a new one! Oh, and clean sewing room and machines.
Start a new one!!
Start a new one!!!
Start a new project
Start a new project or work on an existing UFO.
Start a new project with a glass of wine!
Start a new project!
Start another one
Start another one or two.
Start another one!
Start another one, of course!
Start another project!
Start another project.
Start another quilt
Start another!
Start gathering fabrics for the next project that has been stewing in the back of my mind while I can st the current project.
Start my next project
Start new ones!
Start on something new
Start planning a new one
Start planning the next project!
Start something new
Start the next one
Start the next one!
Start the next project!
Start thinking about a new project
Start two or three more.
Start using it or give it away. Start the next one!
started a new quilt
Starting a new project.
Starting a new challenge
Starting a new one of course!
Starting a new one that I’ve been dying to start but disciplined myself to wait until current project is finished.
Starting a new one!
Starting a new one!!
Starting a new project
starting a new project right away!
Starting a new project that was on hold until a started one was finished
starting a new project!
Starting a new project, lol
Starting a new quilt
Starting another
Starting another !!
Starting another one!
Starting another one. I finished at least five large quilts a year and about 8, 50 by 60inch quilts.
Starting another!
Starting another, of course!
Starting another-lol!
Starting new projects!
Starting or finishing another project
Starting something new
Starting something new
Starting the next
Starting the next one!
Starting the next one!
Starting the next one!!!
Starting the next one, of course!
Straightening up the sewing room and plan the next one!
Take a deep breath and find something else to work on…
Take a few pictures
Take a nap
Take a nap under it. Sleep test it!
Take a photo
Take a photo and mark it off my yearly to do list.
Take a photo before giving it away
Take a photo of it
Take a photo to add to my finished album
Take a picture
Take a picture & send via message to my quilting sister & niece for the “ta-da” moment!
Take a picture and nap under new quilt to “put the love in it”
Take a picture and send to family and friends
Take a picture and share it.
Take a picture and share with my friends
Take a picture and show it off to the girls in my quilt circle
Take a picture and show my family
Take a picture and show to quilter friends.
Take a picture and take to work to show my friends
Take a picture and text it to other friends who sew or take an interest in my sewing
Take a picture for my quilt journal.
Take a picture of it and put away the scraps and EMPTY storage container.
Take a picture of it and show it to my friends.
Take a picture of it and sit for a few minutes admiring it. Share the picture with interested friends.
Take a picture of it, clear up the left overs, clean and put away notes, plans, tools etc. and get started on the next project.
Take a picture of it, then start the next project
Take a picture of it.
Take a picture of the finished quilt, then wrap it for the recipient.
Take a picture of the finished work and then have a treat.
Take a picture so I can see it and look at it from a distance, both in time and space.
Take a picture to add to my collection of finished projects
Take a picture to share either with my sisters, friends or Facebook depending on the project
Take a picture, share it with online friends, then promptly start a new project
Take a picture.
Take a picture. I’ve been quilting for 35 years, and don’t have pictures of earlier quilts. Since I give away nearly everything, pictures are my only record of what I’ve made, and how my work changed over the years.
Take a picture. Show someone.
Take a picture…give it away!
Take it for show and tell to my guild meeting
Take it to guild. Post it on line
Take it to my guild meeting for show and tell
Take it to my local quilt shop where I purchased the fabric & show them. They took a photo of my last quilt & posted it on their Facebook page.
Take it to my quilt guild for show-and-tell. Also, taking pictures of it, then picking out my next project, if I don’t already know what I am going to do.
Take it to my senior center to show my friends and post it to my friends on Facebook.
Take it to quilt club for show and tell
Take it to show and tell at my quilt guild.
Take it to show and tell or put it on Facebook.
Take it to the next guild meeting for show and tell
Take it to the quilters for large projects and putting smaller ones in my decor
Take lots of photos and post the best on social media.
Take lots of pictures. Lay it out on the guest bed and post to Facebook.
Take photo and post on social media
Take photos
Take photos and post to my blog
Take photos, record in project notebook, give as a gift
take picture of project
Take pictures
Take pictures and post on Facebook or quilt group
Take pictures and share with friends/family.
Take pictures and show family and friends.
Take pictures and upload them to my website.
Take the official photo. I keep a scrapbook.
Takes a photo and post it on my quilters guild Facebook site. They always understand the amount of work and skill the goes into each one!
Taking a deep breath. Showing it to my daughter.
Taking a photo and sending to my mom and sister.
Taking a photo and sharing it.
taking a photo of it and displaying it in my home
Taking a photo of the project for personal records
Taking a photo of the quilt and sharing it with my family.
Taking a photo!
Taking a photo, putting it on my Pinterest page, then gifting the item.
Taking a photo. Show & tell at the local guild meeting.
Taking a pic of the finished project and texting it to my sister!
Taking a picture & showing it to my quilting friends at a meeting
Taking a picture and if it a gift presenting it to the person
Taking a picture and placing it in my quilt journal with its explanation.
Taking a picture and posting to Facebook
Taking a picture and sending it to my family.
taking a picture and sharing with family
Taking a picture and sharing with quilty friends.
taking a picture and showing the quilt to friends
Taking a picture before wrapping it up to send to the selected recipient. Then cleaning up my sewing table and decide what the next project should be.
Taking a picture of it and posting it on Facebook!
Taking a picture of it and sending to family.
Taking a picture of it, and boring people by making them look at it!
Taking a picture of it. Hanging it on the banister, so I can look at it from afar.
Taking a picture of it. The presentation to the recipient is always the best celebration.
Taking a picture of the quilt for documentation and then taking the quilt to my guild for show and tell.
Taking a picture or hanging it.
Taking a picture to share with quilting friends
Taking a picture/ sharing with friends
Taking lots of pictures of it
Taking my Westie for a nice long walk!!!
taking photos of it to send to my friends. Giving it to the recipient
Taking pictures and sending then to friends
Taking pictures and posting on Facebook.
Taking pictures and posting them on Facebook.
Taking pictures and sharing with my family!
Taking pictures for my quilt journal.
Taking pictures of finished work
Taking pictures of the finished project and showing the finished project at my next quilt guild meeting, and maybe a cookie or chocolate.
Taking pictures to share
Taking pictures….and a big cup of coffee.
Taking that celebratory photo with the recipient!!
Taking the perfect picture and deciding what to make next.
Text to my quilty friends the picture
The binding ~ it’s done!!!
The look on someone’s face.
Tidying up
To buy new fabrics!
To take a photo of it.
Try to remember to photo it!
Turn in circles, scream and shout!
Use it
Using it or giving it as a gift.
Usually giving the item as a gift.
Wash and dry it, then give it to recipient
Wash it, show-n-tell, then donate or give to children or grandchildren
Wash the project and admire it. then start on another. Have a cup of tea.
Washing it and giving it away as a gift!
Washing the quilt and using it, then starting next project.
Watch a movie and eat dark chocolate.
Watching my cats sleep on the quilts that I make for them.
When I get it back from my friend who quilts large projects for me, I immediately put it on my bed to see how it looks. Then I plan my next quilt, usually wall hanging.
When I give it to the person I’m making it for.
When it sells
With a glass of wine!
Work on quilt of valor
Working on another project!
Wrap it around myself, letting it comfort me first.
Wrap it up and give it to a loved one
Writing a journal page for my quilt/project journal, with pictures and fabric swatches. Then pulling out my next project and diving in.
Writing a letter to the person that I made the quilt for
Sending a picture to my friends

How do you celebrate? Let us know in the comments below.

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Photograph, of course. It may not look as good later! Taking a picture to share with quilting friends. Take it to guild. Posting it on social media.