Rami Kim’s Best of Show: The Queen of Geometry



As promised, here are photos from Rami Kim’s of her stunning “The Queen of Geometry” Best of Show winning entry. Rami won her 18th Best of Show award in the Wearable Art Competition for her art-to-wear ensemble at Pacific International Quilt Festival XXII in Santa Clara, California.






Rami also sent us the story of the garment:

“Once upon a time there was a Queen who loved geometry.  She had two beautiful princesses who hated the subject. To drum up their interest in geometry, the Queen ordered the royal dressmaker to create a garment for Her that had various geometric shapes and designs to show Her daughters how much fun it is to study geometry. At the same time, she ordered the courtier that the garment should be exquisite and majestic enough for Her Majesty the Queen to wear. The royal dressmaker folded silk dupioni fabric to make hexagons and octagons in two different colors to create six-petaled or eight-petaled flowers and also wove folded fabric strips to design cubes with optical illusion. The royal coat was quilted in triangular, diamond, oval, hexagon shapes and feather motifs with rayon threads, hand-beaded with crystals and free-motion couched with French lace overlay.”

Congratulations Rami. A well-deserved honor.






Rami graduated from Seoul National University and the University of California in San Francisco with degrees in chemistry and molecular endocrinology. She then put her scientific talent to work for the Cancer Research Institute at the University of California before her passion and talent in fabric art drastically changed this successful biochemist’s career.

Besides Best of Show awards, Rami has many other accolades and has distinguished herself as an innovative and talented fabric artist. Her passion for contemporary art-to-wear, quilts, cloth dolls, bags, and one-of-a-kind home décor designs have won her international recognition. It is her distinctive use of 3-dimensional textures and color and unique interpretation of traditional sewing techniques that give her work an exquisite and fascinating edge.

Rami lives with her husband and two daughters in California.

Rami’s Website: http://www.ramikim.com

Check out Rami’s AQS publications:

Folded Fabric Elegance

Elegant Cotton Wool Silk Quilts



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