Tell Us About Your Quilt Space


Five quick questions about your quilt space. Come back next week for great ideas on creating the perfect creative space for you!



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Love my work space…my husband had us move out of the master bedroom to make that my sewing room. I had a guest bedroom as a cutting room with all my fabric, then an office/bedroom with my sewing machine..3 of them with a large cutting table with storage underneath….it is nice to having everything in one area….
My husband is wonderfully supportive of my quilting interests.

Susan Willey

I am getting ready to set up my new sewing room soon and will also have a longarm sewing station. Really can’t wait!


Finally got my quilting room and it’s wonderful! Wish I could show you pictures.

Nancy Spinhirne

My husband custom built two cutting tables with drawers for storage. It also has a pressing area on these tables. I can stand comfortably to cut, then my sewing table is adjustable also so that I am always at the correct height for sewing.


I recently have had to downsize due to my husband’s health. I had a large room with all the space needed for a wonderful conveniently arranged work space. I am now working in a small bedroom to sew, cut and machine quilt on small projects.l But I recently purchased a longarm machine (Hooray) which we have on a side porch so that I can do large projects. A little less convenient but I am happy to have somewhere to quilt.

Kim Bishop

I have a sunroom for my craft room to scrapbook (which was all I did) and know I have started quilting and it has taken over. I need to come up with more area for material room I see is coming, but I have four tables, which is working out good. One for just sewing, two for cutting and laying out my quilt blocks, one for my scrapbooking. I have some cabinets and bookcases in the room. So once I figure out where to put extra material, I will be all set.