Get practically perfect inner applique points every time with this great tip from Jamie Davis. She shows you each step for this simple solution. Take a look and give it a try!
Don’t you love Melinda Bula’s appliqué quilts? Her iquilt.com class, Fabulous Flower Photo Quilts, includes plenty of fabric fusing. Here’s a tip from Melinda! Learn to make large fabric pieces from small ones during the fusing process. Hint: get ready to wiggle!
Martha DeLeonardis shares tips from her iquilt.com lesson series, T-Shirt Quilts Made Easy. Learn how to properly stabilize the T-shirts you use to make memory quilts. The brief video also includes a handy how-to for using jerseys with holes. Make T-shirt quilts fun with Martha!
Enjoy this interview with Marilyn Huntress, whose hand-appliquéd quilt, Vintage Tiles Revisited, won First Place in the Bed Quilts, 1st Entry in an AQS Paducah Contest category sponsored by Statler Stitcher. Here’s a full look at this lovely quilt!
Here is a video from our archives that is as helpful today as it was when Bonnie Browning first made it. Bonnie is our executive show director, an author, quilter, teacher, quilt judge, and lecturer (she does it all!). Thousands of quilts have been sent to us for exhibit at our shows through the years...
AQS author Daphne Greig gives you a tip in this short video that will save you loads of time and improve your quilting projects. Just click on the video above.
 Watch AQS author, Karen Linduska as she demonstrates how to make a quilted postcard using machine surface design techniques. Karen is the author of the AQS books  Your Machine’s Decorative Stitches and Creative Uses for Decorative Stitches.  Let Karen help you get started on your own unique postcard.
Watch Bonnie Browning interview Sherry Reynolds, winner of the  Best Machine Workmanship Award at the 2012 Lancaster AQS Quilt Show & Contest. Sherry made her quilt on a home machine. Learn how she designed this beautiful quilt and how she pieced the triangle circles. Pick up tips on quilting on a home machine too.
This week’s Quilt of the Week features a quilt by Linda Carlson named Amy’s Wedding Quilt. Linda began making this quilt for her daughter when Amy was only 13 years old. Linda explains how this beautiful quilt was based on an historical pattern from about 1870.  She reinterpreted the pattern and added her own personal...
This week’s special quilt of the week captures a moment of great movement and grace. It is called Two Minutes in May and the subject is the Kentucky Derby, which is of special interest to the quilter who created it, Shirley Kelly. Shirley explains the inspiration for this quilt and gives some tips for working...
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