Stitch Length Tips from Mary Smallegan



Stitch length changes throughout your quilt. Mary Smallegan has tips about starting, stopping, and varying your stitches throughout your design.

Learn more from Mary in Machine Quilting: Beginning Free Motion & Tools on Throughout the class, Mary gives helpful suggestions and urges you to practice along with her and gain the confidence you need to complete beautiful quilts on your home machine.





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Sue Hunt

Looks very informative and a good teacher. Sue

Nancy Newman

If you would pull up your bobbin thread at the beginning of your starting point and at the end, there would not be any bird nests on the back.


I appreciate this topic being discussed. I will admit to being a bit confused when you said stitch length is not important. After watching the video, I think, especially for beginners, a more accurate and helpful statement would be “Varying your stitch length is very important when doing machine quilting. Stitch length is important, and know what length for what use is the key to success.