Spooky Studio! 12 Ideas to Haunt Your Creative Space


Halloween season is upon us. Do we have have some creepy ideas for you and your creative space!

1. Glow in the Dark – Collect random tools and items around your quilt studio and paint them with glow in the dark paint. By day the studio looks like usual, but in the darkness of night things glow eerily.

2. Don’t worry about the cobwebs, instead add some more!Here are some fun webs to make using trash bags. 


3. Name the space – Find a freaky font online, blow it up and make a sign labeling your creative experimental laboratory. You may have to even work on a mad scientist laugh!  

4. Get a black catSearch for your favorite black cat to adorn your studio. Pillow of course.

5. Go battyMake this fabulous bat pincushion. You may want to make extras, he’s a great fabric weight.


6. The scene of the crime – Tape off a body outline on your design wall. 

7. Creepy crawlies – Put plastic spiders in the batting rolls, just peeking out.

8. Glowing eyes peer out from your stashCheck out this simple craft with cardboard tubes and glow sticks.


9. Thread eating vampires – tack open plastic vampire teeth to the top edge of thread catcher bags so it looks like you are feeding the wee beast thread.

10. Severed fingers – Place a collection of fake severed fingers with the rotary cutters. No real ones please.

11. Moaning Myrtle – Set up moans and screams to come from your sewing machine as you sew with motion activated sound boxes. If you don’t want to get the devices, you can make the noises yourself. It could be far more entertaining.

12. Morbid invitations – Have your friends over for a sewing date…that starts at the stroke of midnight.

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