“Shark Tank” airs FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 18 (9:00-10:01 p.m. EST), on the ABC Television Network.


Life is funny sometimes. Remember that day you went shark fishing and next thing you knew you were at a quilt show? Yeah, me neither, but Vance Zahorski does. Little did he know, but that quilt show would lead him to a TANK FULL OF SHARKS! Here’s how this fishing tale goes…









Meet Vance, Vance the shark hunter. One day in Florida, he was wrestling a shark and a thought occurred to him, an idea, a spark. Desperate to cut the fishing line holding his struggling prize, Vance realizes he needs a quick safe way to cut the line. Line Cutterz is born – a handy ring to cut fishing line.










Seen here, this ring is in the right place at the right time. Always ready to safely snip the line and save the day! 

Fast forward to a magical day when a marketing tag line added, “…and cuts thread too.” With a little pink and bling the Zahorski family entered the world of quilting. The response – a Whopper! Which just happens to make some pretty exciting bait…for Sharks.

Vance is bringing his products to Prime Time to catch himself some Sharks, “Shark Tank” Sharks! Line Cutterz will make an appearance on “Shark Tank” on FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 18 (9:00-10:01 p.m. EST), on the ABC Television Network. You won’t want to miss the rest of this great fish tale! Tune in!!!


Here is a sneak peek: 

Vance clearly belongs on Prime Time…perhaps his own Quilting Shark Hunter sitcom?
Yes! One ring to rule them ALL!
He’s casting out! Will he get his Shark?
He’s got a great bait presentation. The Sharks are getting hungry!
Do you notice how he sets the hook? Doing good!




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i’ve heard of but never seen the show ‘shark tank’ & ….no offence, but i don’t understand this article. i’ve also never seen ads for the line cutter.


I met them at the Houston Quilt Show earlier this month and bought a couple of the Cutterz. Looking forward to seeing the show.


Love Shark Tank, and I had an idea like this myself. Even the part about the dental floss cutter! So exciting to see this happen for him. I’ll be buying a Thread Cutterz soon!