Sew A Quilted Mini House Trivet from BERNINA


A special thanks to the WeAllSew Blog by Bernina for this fun sewing project. It’s sew cute! Visit the WeAllSew link below for follow-along instructions.

Hello, WeAllSew fans! I am Minki from Minki’s Work Table and Instagram @zeriano.

Do you plan ahead and then cut the fabric? Or do you decide the project size based on the fabric you have in your hands? For me, the second option happens a lot, especially when fabric scraps are too cute to let go.

While I was waiting for my Someday fabric collection to arrive from the factory, I played with tiny, little pieces of my sample swatches. Most of them are not even 2” wide so I had to think of something about 1 1/2” square. I cut the little squares from what I had and sewed them together before I knew how to finish. The linen border idea came up and then I finished it into a house shape. I must say, these mini houses are the result of an accident in a pretty way.

Sew one up for yourself!

Visit for this fun tutorial.

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