Ruler Survey – Share Your Thoughts!


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You should also ask “Do you mix brands of rulers or stick to the same brand?”

Leslie A Moseley

Rulers are great

Love my rulers!


I think directions should be regular ruler-friendly when possible. I avoid buying specialty rulers because of the price.

Donna Johnson


Christine Nelson

The right side of the longer sentences was not visible! Had to guess what the longer questions were.

Thankfully rulers aren’t too mysterious! We have a designer looking into the issue. Thank you for letting us know about the issue.


I could not do without my rulers

have lots of rulers and templates … need them for cutting! if I haven’t got a shape I need, I make one.

C Sterling



Have many rulers. Small ones for smaller cuts and projects. Using a large square or long ruler to cut small pieces is difficult so the small rulers work best on projects needing small cuts.

Pepper Cory

I prefer to use all the same kind of ruler if possible. My fave is Creative Grids.

Rebecca Schmitt



What did we do before rotary cutters?!


Survey questions could not be seen completely after making a response

Sorry for the inconvenience. We’ve added a link at the bottom of the blog post to access the survey directly. Thank you!


Could not read all the questions; they were cut off.

Sorry for the trouble. We’ve added a link at the bottom of the blog post to access the survey directly. We are looking into the blog post issue. Thank you for letting us know.

Linda Farnsworth

I use all square and rectangle rulers in different sizes.

Brenda Wall

Rulers are kind of my thing. From miniature to 16″ square. I have at least 4 – 24″ rulers and that many shorter variety. Square rulers of all sizes. Brands Creative Grid, Fiskars, MSQCo rulers and others. It seems to be an addiction just like fabric.



Most of my rulers are older so I don’t know about the newer ones but I wish they were non-slip.


Too many rulers yet I buy more for different projects


I have mostly larger rulers. Thinking of getting something small and straightforward, maybe 5″x10″. Easier to use when working with 2 1/2″ strips.

Rebecca S

I use Creative Grids, older Omnigrids, newer Omnigrips, Tucker Trimmers, and various specialty-shaped rulers. I do two things with newer rulers–1) go home and check measurements against my very accurate drawing rulers (while I can still find the receipt to return it, if necessary!), and 2) attach a product called Invisigrip to the backs of rulers that don’t have built-in fabric gripping. Esp. with those itty bitty templates from Paper Pieces (e.g., hexagonal shapes/variations). It’s not permanent; works well well when the Omnigrips start losing their grippiness, too.

Rulers and templates are what makes quilting fun…the more the better!


My next purchase is finding transparent grippers for my present rulers…slippery. Thankfully, accuracy is not critical for the projects I’ve been working on lately.

Would greatly appreciate rulers with contrasting colors to use on light and dark fabrics.

Judy Curry

I love the rulers from Sharon Hultgren. They are clear plastic with small black lines and larger numbers. They are really easy to line up with the edge of the fabric and easier to read. This makes cutting more accurate. My favorite is 3 1/2 × 9. Great size for block pieces. The ones with yellow highlighting are difficult to align exactly so I don’t trust their accuracy.


Someone please bring back Optima rulers. I live in fear my 6×24 will break. It’s the best by far!


Accurate, easy to see (no glare) and gripping are what I look for in quality rulers.

Cindy Goldammer

Couldn’t carry on quilting without all my rulers


I avoid any patterns that require the purchase of a special ruler to make it. Most magazines have a template of what the shape should look like if a special shape is required.. There is one popular magazine that does not do that. I have considered dropping my subscription to that magazine for that reason. You should have a choice as to whether you want to purchase a special ruler be able to follow the pattern in a magazine you purchased.

I also like the Sharon Hultgren Rulers. They are easy to see with my old eyes. I have rulers from every company and every size. I use them all and prefer picking up a ruler close to the size I need to cut than working with a ruler that is much too large. I have also found recently that a paper sorter makes a great ruler corral but I have a drawer full of odd shaped rulers and long rulers hanging on the wall. My guild has a ruler library that you can borrow from and have donated some of… Read more »


I understand designers make money by selling their specialty rulers but I do wish more of them would also provide options to use standard rulers for those of us who do not wish (or cannot afford!) to buy yet another ruler or template to use for a new pattern or design!

I particularly like the 5″ wide X 24″ with the lip on the bottom, and my Salem Ruler its for squaring, I would be lost without either of them.