Critters in the Quilt Studio



This past week you shared about the furry friends who rearrange your quilt blocks, reorganize your scraps, and have a particular fondness for relocating your spools of thread. This week we’ve put it all together for you. Enjoy the stories of quilters and their critters.


Well, were we ever surprised at the variety of quilting critters!

More cats than dogs…but the dogs have the cats by the tail! Only 15% more quilters have cats rather than dogs.

The race to answer the cat or dog question for quilters was a close one, but not all quilters are so traditional.

Non cat or dog pets included…

  • chickens (chooks)
  • fish
  • kangaroos
  • ducks
  • turtles
  • Koi
  • Cockatiels
  • rats
  • African Grey Parrots (and less specific parrots)
  • Yellow Collared Macaws
  • Chinchillas
  • Guinea pigs
  • horses – big and mini
  • rabbits
  • and even a husband.

#1 – They love to be with YOU! Over 50% reported that their furry friend stuck close by supervising the creative process (often with eyes shut!).

#2  – The Cutting Table. Under, on, but especially in the middle of a freshly cut project. Apparently neatly stacked cut pieces violate a law of nature us humans don’t understand.

#3 – The purr of the sewing machine is a draw for many.

#4 –  The ironing board. If only the precious dears could learn to press half square triangles!

#5 – The Scrap Basket.


Understandably, nearly 60% of you make quilts for your furry friends!

Here are the other goods according to rank:

  1. Bed
  2. Pillow
  3. Toys
  4. Costume
  5. Scarf

Other items included pup tent, collars, cage cover, hammock, food/water dish place mat, basket, Christmas tree, window seat cushion, hammock, carrier mat, tuffet, halter hearts, hats, sweatshirts, sweaters, and other winter attire.

  • Lint Brush
  • Vacuum
  • Shake it out
  • Wet Cloth or paper towel
  • Toss fur covered items in the dryer or give it a wash first if needed

Over 200 of you shared the stories of your furry helpers. Thank you to each of you who shared these special moments with us!


I hand quilt on a quilt frame and whenever I try to quilt my dachshund mix will jump in my lap, put her front paws on the frame and sit there watching the needle go in and out of the fabric. Meanwhile my malamute lays under the frame, his head resting on my foot.


I had a wonderful personal and household manger, Tootie, who was a large white cat. Something of a critic as well, she slept by “our” Bernina whether in use or when the machine was quiet. When I would move to the cutting table, she would stretch out there on the fabrics to give me direction. She was firm in her design choices but always willing to listen to my opinions. I miss her a lot.

My dog Roxy always walk and want to lay on my quilts when I baste them for hand quilting.

My late cat just held things down for me- My husband’s cat is only marginally interested

My dachshund has graced every quilt I have ever made, even award winning show quilts- as I pin baste on my floor. She is a constant companion and seems to love each and every quilt I make.

Likes to sit on the quilt when I lay it out or do any hand sewing.

Evie, our tortoise calico cat, insists on helping me at the sewing machine whenever I am piecing or quilting.  We have worked out a compromise that allows her to stay close but keep her paws at a safe distance.  My quilted machine cover is turned upside down making a nice bed, and she curls up in it, thus allowing her to be right there–supervising and helping!

My two cats have to be where I am especially when I am trying to sew.  I have a boy’s big bushy tail swishing back and forth on the back side of the machine and a little girl curled up in my lap.  It’s a wonder I get anything done.

Coco, my brown tabby, and I play hide and seek with my needle grabber. I hide it in the sewing room, she finds it and leaves it on the dining room floor for me to hide again.

My 2 cats love to pullout the pins when I have put all the pin in the project

My kitten, now a cat, used to lay under my clear extension table and watch the fabric slide over her head. She doesn’t fit any more but still tries to get under the table.

My Championship Purebred Persian and Exotic Shorthair cats love to nap on fabric. The cutest is when the baby cats first discover a pile of fabric and its tactile comfort for an afternoon nap! Of course, they love to jump in my lap and interrupt sewing on my current hand-piecing project. Exotic Shorthair cats are known for their keen interest in what goes on in their household. I cannot work on quilts without their sweet faces giving audience!

Gandalf, our big white deaf Persian personality, loved to sleep behind the foot pedal and kept it from slipping backwards

I often have “help” with quilting and binding.  They like to lay of the finished top while I’m working on it.

I don’t let my dogs use my machines so they don’t do any quilting. However, they do keep me company and remind me to get up often to stretch those back muscles.

My cat Oscar sleeps on my ironing board.  I also crochet and I have to be careful that he can’t get to my yarn, because he eats it.

My dogs love to pull the stuffing out of quilts and pillows.  I keep the good stuff away from them!

My cat loves wool bat.  I never dare leave any unguarded, or he will start kneading it.

I used to have a dog that chewed up spools of thread and a quilt block in an almost finished top. Still she lived to be fourteen and a half.

My cat, Rocky, liked to get on the table and crawl under the fabric and com out the other side. He would sit there “modeling” the fabric.

Sophie likes to lie on the quilt while I am sewing it!!  Gets very upset if I move it!

Anytime I lay out my quilt pieces the cats are on the quilts messing the up!

I have 4 cats, but Smokey, my 15 lb. fat boy “helps” the most. He loves to curl up on the back side of my machine when I piece a quilt, purring with my machine as my strips or chains fall over his back. When it is time to cut, he joins me by taking up half my cutting board and trying to lend his tell as a ruler. And don’t forget the ironing board. He makes sure I do everything right. When it is finally time to FMQ, he provides the weight so the portion of the quilt not under the needle does not fall of the table. And last but not least, he guards my supplies at all times so the kids don’t run off with mom’s scissors. Not sure how sleeping on scissors is comfortable, but he does it.

Over the years, whichever quilt I am working on, my dog has to lie on the part not on my lap while hand quilting. Even my daughter’s dog has his favorite spot (on the quilt).  When I took my latest creation to my son’s to work on while there, his cat got into the act.

Tucker likes to play with yarn so his play toy has yarn or string. Oliver likes to play with my tape measure and pins he also likes to chew on any paper patterns. I think they are both budding quilters but without thumbs they have to do the best they can with paws.

He likes to watch.

Whenever I am hand sewing the binding down to the back of quilts several of my cats come out from wherever they are to sleep on it while I’m trying to work…..I’ve had 3 cats at one time while I try to work around them.

My cat Mickey loves to help me sew. He is a 3 year old gray tabby with big green eyes. He stretches out in my fabric bin or on the sewing table. I usually quit sewing as he tries to grab for the moving needle.

My chocolate Labrador retriever, named Chocolate, loves to wear pieces of fabric around the house. Sometimes he even carries a piece of batting, or small pieces of thread.

To make cat pillows, I keep a pillowcase nearby and just add the scraps as they come.  When I have enough. I sew up the opening and the cats have a new bed.

My dog has eaten quite a lot of fabric and also whole blocks.  The potty area in our back yard is quite colorful.  He does love to go in his crate which sits crosswise across my quilting room door and take naps and guard me.

I like to put fat quarters on my bed so that I can live with them before I pick a project.  I have a wonderful photo of Paulo Poodle (RIP) snoozing in a pile of fabric. It’s my favorite of him now that he’s gone.

During bad weather my 86 lb. baby will try to hide under my sewing table. On other days he lays in my room with me while I cut fabric or sew with his toys while my cat sleeps under the desk that holds my laptop.

When I put my glass head pins in the pin cushion, I found the cats would pull each pin out by the pin head and spit them on the floor.

My dog gets on my sewing table, steals my thread and chews up my bobbins.

Marmeduke loves free motion quilting and anchors the work to create his own version.

Both of my cats (Shiloh, formerly) and now Girlie love to get on every quilt that is laid out on the floor for measuring, and they both have had their pictures taken on most of them as they roll about on them.  Girlie also likes to be on the sewing table when I am at the machine.  Shiloh was too big for that.  Shiloh was a big, orange tabby we had for 12 years, and Girlie is a short haired dainty little Tortie that was rescued from the horrendous ice storm that lasted for a week 3 years ago.

My sewing companion, Walker, is double rescue.  A friend adopted him from the street.  He was so skinny and frightened.  She had him for a couple of weeks and had an accident in her home.  She was in the hospital and asked another friend to take care of him.  That friend’s husband put him in the pound!  So after a frantic call from her we rescued him a second time.  When she finally got able to take care of him, she decided to leave him with me, because we live in the country and she lives in a small apartment.  So she has visiting privileges any time she wants to see him.   He weighed less than 5 pounds when we got him.  He’s at about 8 1/2 pounds now. Looking good buddy!  He watches everything I do from the cutting table or a chair.

She keeps my fabric warm

Any time my dog harasses me when we already have an understanding about when I’ll stop sewing, I toss some thread trimmings on her head. She leaves them there, too!

Tigger enjoys being in the middle of things. Literally. Whether I am laying out pieces, cutting fabric, piecing tops or quilting sandwiches, I can count on her to find a cozy spot dead center! Wouldn’t have it any other way! ♡

My Dolly cat loves to lay in front of my sewing machine while I sew my quilt squares together.  She purrs constantly, almost in time with the hum of my sewing machine.  Her favorite place to sleep, when I’m not sewing, is laying on my quilt that I have on my bed.

She’s very good at taking out pins.

On a cold winter day you will find Cocoa under the Quilt between the pillows.

Anything on the floor is theirs. I can’t drop anything (thread, etc.) unless I’m willing to race for it.

Cali the calico cat likes to inspect my work at my quilting machine by laying on it to make sure it’s cuddly enough!

My dog rested her head on my foot pedal while I was at the cutting table and quilted on my husband’s quilt.

My dog loves to be where I am sewing just to be near me.

Kitty always sits or lies on the back table of my Statler Stitcher and watches the belts move with great curiosity. He grumbles as he has to move along with the machine. He never really bothers my customer’s quilts other than giving them a good sniff or two. He has plenty of my quilts to lay upon around the house. When I am piecing a quilt, he delights in stealing my flower head pins. I find them beheaded all over the place. On most sunny days, he picks a spot on one of my bed quilts for his afternoon nap. He is a great mousey and his worst habit is presenting his triumphs to us while we’re cozy under our quilts and once in a while he brings them to the bed to play with them while they are still alive. He err doesn’t understand why they run away and why I’m also screaming.
Bailey has to be next to me while I’m quilting. If there isn’t a chair next to mine for her, she meows until I pull one over for her. My other cat Molly is the fabric inspector sniffing all new fabric and curling up on it to make sure it passes the comfort test.
One of our cats LOVES threads.  He steals it any time he can.  He once swiped it off the spool pin while I was out of the room.  I searched in vain, finally found it along will 6 other spools months later when moving the couch to clean the carpet!  He’s forced me to be much tidier than I once was.
I was making a watercolor quilt with 1.5 in sq. They were hanging on a design wall. I worked very hard on it all day moving squares here and there. It was finally “perfect enough” to sew together which I was to do the next day because I had to show it in a couple days. BUT my son called his ride did not show so I had to run out leaving the quilt knowing the cats had watched me off and on all day. I returned with Steve and as I was pulling into the carport my husband and other son ran out yelling “it’s not our fault!” Steve and I looked at each other and I said it must be really bad. We got out of the car continuing to hear It’s not our fault. I walked in and looked at the quilt on the design wall and it most of it was in a pile at the bottom. As my husband explained, he and Jeff were in the family room relaxing after work/afterschool activity when the thought to look at the quilt but what that saw was our cat Smokie on her hind legs standing before the quilt squares her front legs stretched with her claws out and attached to the quilt shaking it watching the 1.5 inch squares falling all around. She shook it 3 times since it was so fun. The other 2 cats were watching. When my husband screamed her name she looked at him with wide eyes and thought of I’m caught. Charlie and Jeff tried like made to try and put the squares back knowing how long I worked and knew they never would get it the way it. That was when I turned into the driveway and into the carport with what looked like 2 crazy people screaming we didn’t do it. I could not find Smokie the rest of the night (I think she knew by my voice I was not in a good mood 🙂
Pablo has a cat tree next to the slider doors in the sewing room. However, he prefers to curl up on my ironing mat which I constructed out of a printer cabinet. It has a slider shelf which he squeezes into. Pablo loves to play with my yarns but he likes to help me find my needles and bobbins, spools of thread and any other object that I drop on the carpet.
Comes to visit me when his owners are at work, he sleeps on my sewing table which is on the north side which is the sunny side in the southern hemisphere, sunning himself on my cats quilt, so that my projects are protected from cat fur, funny my current project is a bag with cats on it, fantastic fabric i brought in Japan last year.
 My cat must inspect all quilts for quality assurance and to see if it is sleep worthy. I have a quilted table runner that I put on the back of my couch because she claimed it and well, it does keep the hair off the couch. 🙂
As a pup, ripped apart the first large quilt I made
My cat Chloe thinks my quilting machine project is her personal hammock. She likes any pile of fabric, folded quilt project, sandwiches, while I’m pinning, to curl up on. My Chihuahua Joni, likes to sit in my lap while I sew or embroider. She watches the needle go up and down. The rest of the time she sleeps on the pillow I made her, sometimes for hours while I work. She’s good company.
One of my cats was a thief and would steal any small tool or machine foot left out unattended.  She was pretty good at hiding her spoils also.  She trained me to keep my work station neat and put things away.
If I’m not home he gets impatient waiting and will take my pieces of scraps to the back door. Waiting for me to get home. When I get home there is a trail of fab all the way down the stairs, then I get home and he is sitting by the door get one scrap and darts up the stairs and there he sits beside my sewing machine so with wagging his tail so happy I say OK we can sew for a little.
He doesn’t quilt as his doggy paws can’t reach between the foot pedal and the featherweight neck!  BUT he likes to hear the purr of the machine rather than the electronic hmm of my others.  He and his ball are every ready warming my feet, ready for the jump up to the ironing board and the possibility of ball play!
 Angus loves spending time in the quilt room.  He supervises every step I make in a project and particularly likes to help with the ironing.  Every time I get my fabric set on the ironing board he tries to move it for me!
When the machine’s not being used but I’m sitting at it, the cat drapes himself thru the throat and sleeps
My Doberman stops at the entrance to my “mommy cave” aka. sewing room and asks permission to enter. Her favorite place to sleep is under my cutting table in her favorite dog bed. She actually loves the sound of my sewing machine and often starts to snore. Sometimes I will find that she has “borrowed” a quilt to cuddle. Her quilt she pulls around the house to sleep on.
I am a dog person! My small dog used to lie down behind me on my sewing chair as I pieced or quilted.  So when she died, I thought I would take home an abandoned kitty.  Bad idea.  That cat doesn’t know sit! @*%^*$  She wants to be where I am and plops herself down where ever she can be in my way – too close to my machine when I am sewing, or on my pieces ready to sew.  I have learned to cover my pieces with a pillowcase.
My cat Dasey likes to sit on top of the sewing machine while I am quilting and tries to help with cutting (of course I close the cutter when she is there) the pieces out I think she thinks she can quilt too. If I wake up some morning and my newest quilt is done I will know who did it.
When my cat “Bob” was a “teenager”, he felt the best place to supervise my current quilting project was to be on the table in the center of things. He did not like to be moved off of the fabric, in fact my son took a picture of Bob as he lay in the center of the fabric, entered it in the fair for his 4-H project and won first place with the photo. Bob is currently much better behaved and usually does not interfere with the project on the table, but does take advantage if anything should drop onto the floor.
I have two cats, Luci is a short haired ginger cat, who insists on sitting on my fabric on my cutting table, sleeping on my sewing chair she has claimed the sewing room as hers, and graciously allows me to fill my crafting needs in there. Hades is more of a long haired black and white cat, that suffers from high anxiety, and until recently has shown no interest in being around my sewing until I went to put the binding on my last two quilts this week and these two quilts he insisted upon being wrapped up in them as I hand sewed the binding. I have had him for about 5 years, so the adventure begins now with him. He spent the whole day wrapped up in the quilts which is a first.
I always have a cat test my bed-sized quilts for softness and sleep-ability before giving them their first wash.
My cat, Maddie, will automatically lay on newly purchased fabric.  It’s like she needs to say, “Since you brought home more fabric, I’m claiming it as my own.
My black kitty (Ebony Boo) likes to stand on her hind feet and reach as high as she can up my design wall and pull any or all of my neatly arranged blocks of and lay on them on the floor!  We have had many discussions about this and reminders that my sewing chair (which she often steals) is vacant and very comfortable!  I love “Ebby” but sometimes she is too much help!
Both GSDogs have to come upstairs when I go to my sewing room, and the male thinks he must stay in front of the ironing board and the female stays at the cutting table……I’m constantly asking them to move so I can use the space, of course they do but immediately return to snooze…..this goes on for a couple hours then they both start nudging me to take a break.
Although they all like to hang out my cat Gabby is the crafty one! She lays behind the sewing machine making sure everything comes thru okay. She watches me with the iron to make sure I press when it calls for pressing and I iron when I’m to iron. I’m really under pressure when it comes to the cutting table because she inspects every piece of material that touches the table. If it isn’t being cut then she’s laying on it! All in all I enjoy her company as well as her “help”!
He will come sit or stand in front of me and stare until I pay attention to him, then he will run to the cupboard where I keep his treats.
I was working on a Twisted Bargello quilt when my cat, Nacho, was a kitten.  I am fortunate enough to have a large ironing table in my sewing room where I was meticulously laying out my carefully numbered strip sets to assure they were in the right order for assembly.  I would roll my chair from machine to ironing table, adding strips one at a time.  I rolled over to get the next strip and there was Nacho, upside down tangled in all the strips having the time of his life!  It was too entertaining to make me mad.  I knew I could always arrange them back to where they needed to be.  Nacho continued to “help” me throughout construction.  The quilt was eventually finished and only took about 3x as long with Nacho’s help.  The label on the back of this quilt says “Tested and approved by Nacho”
They like to watch me put pieces up on the flannel board and help me rearrange them usually when I turn my back. Also help hold down fabric at the sewing machine, also when I’m not looking.
Sleeping on the quilt I am sewing is allowed in my house.
I use my floor as a design surface.  My cat’s favorite part of the quilting process is waiting until I have several squares laid out, pouncing on several, then rolling around with one or two held in her forepaws.
Both of my cats “help” me by rearranging any blocks I have carefully laid out on the floor.
I have three supurrrrrrvisors, every time I put a quilt I’m working on top of the bed, they come running to inspect. They walk over, take a sniff…and then lay down with a smile on their faces!
She enjoys putting small quilt pieces in her water bowl.
I got my cat as a rescue, and for a while it pretty much stayed to itself on top of a bookcase.  One day when I was cutting fabric, he decided that looked awfully fun and pounced on top of it.  I had a hard time convincing him it was an inappropriate place for a cat, but ever since then he’s had to be right in the middle of whatever I’m doing.  Guess he feels at home now…lol!
My cat has to be right near me, even when using a rotary cutter.  I am always moving her tail away from me.  She will lay on the fabric I am using and of course any quilt that is folded she has to test it out for sleeping on.
Not sure how “crafty” my Peekaboo is but she loves to curl up on chairs that my friends use to sit on and dig through their bags of stuff. She decorates with my leftover jelly roll ribbons so maybe that counts.
Cautionary tale: My 1 year old cat, Natta, loves to chew on strings.  We went away one weekend on a quilt shop hop. When we returned 2 days later, she was laying in the floor, LIMP! She had unraveled and swallowed the end of a spool of thread. It was stuck under her tongue, so it could not pass through. Her intestines were gathering themselves up around the thread. She had emergency surgery and pulled through, but only because she was young and healthy. She is now 4 and is still fascinated with thread. She has no idea that thread is what made her so ill. She loves to sit on my lap on the quilts I am binding, swiping at the thread as I attempt to sew! Natta also keeps my daughter company when she is cross stitching (can’t imagine why). And of course, she has a strong affinity for my husband’s quilt. With wool batting and a white background, what’s not for a black cat to love?
I came into the sewing room because I kept hearing the machine running.  The cat was pouncing on the pedal.
My cat’s name is London and I always tell people there is a little of London in every quilt.   He inspects each quilt.
Whenever I quilt, Mollie (who is a large beagle) likes to be wherever my sewing chair is.  (Or, at least right NEXT to it!)  My sewing machine and my cutting mat (worktable area are on one long table (8′) and as I roll between sewing or working on the worktable area, she will get up and follow me the four feet.  If anything falls off, say a pin, a piece of cloth, scissors, or whatnot, she gets up and points at it with her nose to let me know where it fell!  She is quite helpful at the sewing table!  If, however, I am working on something that I have to have drape on the floor, she will make herself quite comfortable on it!  Which, of course, is not helpful at all!
I discovered pins on my sewing room floor.  It was the cat pulling them out of the pincushion and spitting them on the floor.
I have 3 cats, and each specializes in a method of sewing.  Cheyenne, a small lilac Siamese, loves to caress the embroidery armature as it hums and stitches designs.  Dakota, is her larger brother, and thinks he should fit in the sewing machine opening like the loaves of bread advertised.  Handsome, a 20-pound Himalayan, is the supervisor of the crew, and wanders in occasionally to make sure all are working, and not napping on the job.  All take part in the placement of blocks in assembling a quilt, moving them at random, and picking their resting spot on the final design.  Needless to say, all my projects have met with their approval no matter the finished size.
When we purchased our home in Mesa, AZ the owner said cats don’t move well, would you take my cat?  So we inherited “Christmas Kitty”. She had a favorite spot to snooze on the sofa.  To make it more comfortable, keep the long hair under control, and the white sofa clean, I made her a quilt from “cheater” cloth.  She wouldn’t sleep on it – just moved to the other end of the sofa. So I folded it and put it in a basket on top of the dryer and every night said “it’s time for all kitty cats to go to bed and she would go get in the basket.  She stayed close by whenever I was sewing and liked to have a look out the window from on top of my sewing table and, of course, nap on any fabric handy.  A local quilt store had a pet quilt contest so I posed her on the “pet” quilt on the sofa and took a photo.  She won a $25 gift certificate!
Before I had my longarm, I would spread and sandwich the quilt on the floor. My boxer at the time, Jack, would lay in the middle of each layer as I would spread them. I have a pic of him between the layers on the floor. Always makes me smile to remember Jack helping me sandwich.
Annabella, my gorgeous seal/flame bicolor Torbie Ragdoll cat, is always interested in my quilting journey, and belly tests the finished quilt.  She waits until I lift the edge of her folded nap quilt so she can crawl in between to become a “cat taco”, but she sleeps on top of her own nighttime quilt on the bed.
My kitty comes on my sewing table as close as she can to my project.  Purring and begging for attention, which I stop and give her some attention.  Then I go back to my sewing and she steps on the quilt.  Always when I am doing my machine quilting.  When I am piecing she is okay, but loves those quilts.  She wants to lay down right behind my machine with her head lying on the bed of the machine.  Just purring away.   When I start cutting fabric she is right there also.  I try putting a box (which she loves).  Sometimes it works other times she just has to help.  Now have to cats but only one likes the sewing.  Thank goodness.
One day, Cassie, one of our Pems (Pembroke Welsh Corgis), decided I’d spent entirely too much time at the sewing machine.  She jumped from the bay window onto my work table and tiptoed over to me, plopping down on my stacks of next-to-be-chain-pieced fabrics.  She was quite pleased with herself!  No way I could scold her, of course, for being so clever.  So, I took a break and cuddled her for a bit and played catch for a while.  I think she’s my quilting angel!  While she was “helping” me piece, Brody, another of our Pems, was keeping an eye on things from the couch, all cuddled in “his” quilt.  Yes, it can take a bit to remove the dog fur from my finished projects, but it’s so worth it.  Life wouldn’t be as good without “fur.”  🙂
My cat wants to help me sew which can be tricky to not get his paw caught by the needle. So far, so good! ?
Emma is a found puppy at 8 weeks who is now 11 years old. She sees a quilt laid out and she claims it. She has a 12 plus year old quilt that she sleeps on every night. It has become a bit worn and I have had to appliqué items on top of the worn places. She loves that quilt. She has 2 others that she wraps up in during the winter. Sometimes she uses one as a pillow. What a great dog and I have to keep those older bones warm so they work for many more years.
My cat, Patches always comes down to my sewing room whenever I work on projects.  He usually sleeps on his tie blanket while I work.  I have three other cats that usually end up in the sewing room as well when I am in there and they sleep on the floor or try to share the tie blanket with Patches.
One of my cats thinks he can use the sewing machine, so we have about a 10 minute fight over who really gets to use the machine. He will poke his head through the arm opening; go over the top of the machine to the thread or jump on my shoulder. Eventually he gives up and curls up on the quilt that covers the cutting table.
One of our cats LOVES threads.  He steals it any time he can.  He once swiped it off the spool pin while I was out of the room.  I searched in vain, finally found it along will 6 other spools months later when moving the couch to clean the carpet!  He’s forced me to be much tidier than I once was.
When my kids were little, they had a guinea pig named Squeaky.  Whenever I would be hand quilting this particular quilt, Squeaky would jump out of their lap and onto mine. He would proceed to snuggle in the Quilt.  My dogs on the other hand love to be covered with a quilt if it’s cold out.  They do have one they fight over to see who is going to sleep on it.
My cat likes to keep head butting my hands while I’m trying to sew.  It makes for really straight seams — NOT!
My youngest cat loves to steal balls or perle cotton and run off with them. Makes it hard to do Big Stitch quilting
Milo my Mini-Macaw will help pick out pieces of fabric for my projects or select embroidery threads to use
I hand quilt which is very difficult with 7 cats!  I never know which one will be hanging on my quilt.
All my projects get the feline stamp of approval, i.e. the cat loves to nap on whatever I’m working on!
They grab pieces and run.  Or sit on.
Before I got a design wall, I used to lay out my blocks on the floor.  So my cat, Watson (he’s a British short hair). Thought I was asking for his opinion. So he would let me know if I had found the ultimate block arrangement.  If he didn’t like it, he would take a running dive into them.  If he approved, he would go to the middle a lay down to take a nap–his job was done.
They leave crafting to me.  They are more of the undo-it type.
I am always using our Winston as a model when photographing my quilts. He is such a good sport!
My cat sorts my scrap fabrics for me.
By the way…Sam is 7 year old Maine Coon who has never been home alone (we travel for business) and goes to church every week.  Sits in his own place and never causes any trouble.  Our pastor says he pays more attention than the confirmation class.
My cat’s favorite thing is to try to steal my spools of thread and roll them around wasting thread but having fun.
Miss Luna Kitty just Supervises
Squeaky (cat) likes to take the pins off the magnet I use.  She will pull them off one at a time and drop on floor.  When she first started doing this it worried me; however, after watching her, I got the message.  Pull one pin and drop on the floor – look to see if anyone is watching, if not, she pulls out another pin.  Sneaky Squeaky.
I have 4 cats and they are always testing and inspecting my quilts.
My female lab likes to lay under my sewing table and push on the sewing machine petal when the machine is on
Any item I put on the floor, they have to sit on. End up in almost all my progress photos.
My boy likes to be involved, so that includes stealing blocks and having a nice gallop about. If it is not rescued from him immediately, there will surely be holes. He has taught me how to keep my table fairly clear or to have my pieces under something like a large ruler! And preferably with something else on the top of that!
You should let people send pictures – what a great gallery that would make!
Lulu the Rottweiler steals my thread and chews it up when she’s mad at me.
My fur coats love to watch the needle go up and down on the sewing machine and will try to pull the thread.  One always jumps up on my sewing chair when I get up to cut or iron.  She gets the back half and I get the front half of the chair!
My Great Dane, Kaylee loves to supervise and inspect every Quilt project. Especially from her custom made pillow.
My 3 cats love to “help me” when I’m quilting
Bandit likes to sit by my machine and supervise.
Both pups will lay on any fabric I am using. They act as a weight to hold the fabric do! I just lost my Lab/Dalmatian mix, he used to like to “hide” under the fabric! My Corgi likes to lay under the sewing chair. At times I will say “almost done” and they will look at me and give a very heavy sigh!
They took turns “riding along” on my grandson’s John Deere quilt as I was quilting it on my domestic machine.
My cat likes to curl up on the quilt while it is still in the machine being quilted.
They amaze me when they manage to climb up on anything where a soft quilted surface presents itself.
My dear friend of 16.5 yrs. who is gone now, used to crowd under the sewing table and lean on the foot pedal, so either the machine would “sew by itself” while I was sitting there or increase the speed I was using. Took me awhile to catch on!
If laying on fabric as I’m working on it counts, then they’ve had a paw in most of my projects.
My cats always find the new quilts and lay on them. I call it Cat Blessings 🙂
Cat that shreds paper – so if you have directions or notes you will have decorative fringe and holes.
I sat down to start piecing at my machine. I turned the machine on and got ready. All of a sudden the needle started moving up and down slowly. I thought the machine was possessed. It turned out that my poodle was pawing the pedal waiting for me to start sewing.
Pretty typical of cats – lounging on top of fabrics; if have quilt blocks laid out on the floor, will get on top and play with them; watches thread on machine as it moves and will try to grab it; likes to chew on the tops of straight pins so I have to be very careful not to leave any where she can see them;
Gracie is a rescue cat.   She will never allow herself to be picked up.  However, she is very affectionate; wanting to be petted all the time.  Whenever I sit down at either sewing machine, she will come and plop her body down on my project and expect to be petted and will not shut-up until I stop and give her attention!  16 years old and still going strong.
Once in a while I will ask his opinion on fabric/color combinations, if he doesn’t like it he turns his head away and his nose up. If he does like it he just looks at me. (I know he cannot see color, but I think it’s the shades of black and white that he does see that gets to him.)
My cats have always loved to curl up on my quilts and on fabric that is a work-in-progress.
My cats have always been most welcome in my sewing room. They are so accepting, not caring if the pattern didn’t come out quite like I planned, the colors didn’t work the way they did in my mind’s eye, or my learning curve with FMQ is still very curvy. They cuddle up in and on the mistakes just like the do the (so-called) masterpieces. Never great critics, but enthusiastic enablers.
Our wonderful girl, Fonda, loves to nestle in the hammock she creates on my long arm.  She was really cute and happy to be up at arm level and part of the creative process.  Since the quilt stretching is not something I encourage, I became creative with plastic garbage bag covers to protect my work.  She’s not found them to be comfortable at all.  So far so good.
Lola and Lenny (her brother) immediately evaluate all of my quilts the minute a quilt top hits the floor for reviewing or trimming. They love to just come lay on my quilts as well as wrap themselves up in my quilts. I have quilts on all of my chair and that is where they prefer to sleep…. All my quilts are loved by me and my kitties
No, not really.
She was able to cover herself up
I can’t see the full question on my iPad so I am unable to answer this
My cat likes to take pieces of fabric from my stash and leave them near my chair. She has pretty good taste in color so I’m waiting until I have enough pieces to make a quilt using the fabric that she has ‘selected’ from my basket of pieces.
When I am not home, my English Mastiff will often spend the day under my long arm.
He liked to supervise.  He loved the string trimmings and any kind of ribbon.
“Felix always stayed with me in the quilt room.
Likes to lay on any quilt while I sew the binding on. First person to sleep on every quilt
One of my cats lays on my feet and when my foot is on the pedal that creates a big problem.  I will remove my foot but the cat rolls onto the pedal and the machine will start sewing.  I have to be super careful when that happens.

My cat, Tommy, loves to get between me and my sewing machine as I’m (attempting) to sew. He also has to check out the bobbin area whenever I change the bobbin or am cleaning my machine. He is very curious!

Benji my dog loves to lay under the sewing machine, the hum of the machine puts him to sleep.
My dog loves wooden spools.  She drops them down the stairs and brings them back and forth
My Maltese/Jack Russell cross curls up on my quilting hoop when I am hand quilting
I have a cat – when i first got him, he would lay on my lap while i hand quilted whatever project i was working on at the time.  Now he has to lay UNDER my quilt – on my lap at any time.  He was a rescue so he is ALWAYS cold — he lays on the registers for extra heat.
I actually have a quilt label that says “This quilt comes pre-cuddled by Tobermory or Skye” (depends on which cat has been “helping” me on that particular quilt).  Both girls like to hunker down in the quilts I make and they’re not choosy as to which step of the process they “help” with – cutting, sewing, layout, binding attachment.
My cat Lily loves to wait until I have blocks arranged on the floor trying to figure out how to put it together.  She will then race through it as fast as she can scattering the blocks everywhere.  After the rearranging it is time to take a nap on the pieces looking innocent.  Of course every quilt I make must be hers.
My cats are new to my household so I don’t have any adventures yet!  But my Scottish Fold loves to walk all over my keyboard while I’m researching quilting ideas and they both follow me where ever I go in the house. I will be making them both quilts soon.
My 3 cats needed to test out every quilt after I make them.  I call it a “Cat Scan” and it is then 100% complete.  They also love to cuddle on top of and especially underneath any quilt they can get their paws on.  They know quilts are awesome and very cuddly.
I hand quilt and my 14 year old kitty, Carson, needs to be on my lap or in my arms.  Needless to say, I am constantly stitching around him!
When they do sneak in, they want to lay on whatever quilt I’m working on, especially if I’m doing the actual quilting.
My cat Stephanie will still pieces of fabric that go in my quilt and take them to another room if I don’t pay enough attention to her.
I have had cats take blocks off my design wall, and of course I don’t remember where they were, so they go back in a different location.  Apparently if the cat likes it they don’t come down again….who knew?  And I do go with the cat’s choice!!!
After our first lab passed away, I found her paw prints on the car seat, and quilted them on the project I was working on.
ANYTIME I lay a quilt out to show either a grandchild or pet immediately lays on it!  They are magnets to a new quilt!
My cat, Larry, loves playing with scraps that fall on the floor, or yanking on my measuring tape and pulling it off the table.
If opportunity presents, my Maltese, Chloe, will take my pincushion under the bed and remove all the pins. Has never tried to swallow one and hasn’t hurt herself but I still think prevention on my part is the best plan.
My cat loves to “help” me quilt.  She seems to know what the latest project is and will lay on it so it doesn’t fly away.
My cat Simon tests every quilt for warmth and softness. He will wrap himself up in any quilt I am working on, be it on my lap or on the machine.
My cats like to make sure my quilts don’t slip off the cutting board by sleeping on them!! My one cat likes to hold down the scissors.
Billy likes to lay down behind my machine and catch the fabric pieces as they come through.  If I am not going fast enough for him, he puts his paw on the bed of the machine as if to say “hurry up Mom”….lol
I am from Australia in a hot climate where cats just wear their own fur, so quilts are just to keep the fur off my fabric, he loved to play with the cotton reels as well, now he has passed on after 20 years, my neighbor’s cat.
My daughter’s annoying kitten swiped at my rotary cutter while I was cutting fabric. It cut the pad on her foot and she bled on my cutting mat after I quickly removed the fabric.
My kitty Hot Rod loves when I am trying to lay out quilt blocks. She thinks it’s a game and wants to play and toss the blocks. She is so so disappointed when I don’t let her HELP!!
As soon as I put a quilt over the back of a chair/sofa in the family room (I have four chairs & sofa) my two rag doll cats go from chair to chair and make sure the sleep on each quilt!
When I am quilting he lays in front of the sewing machine or on the back of the machine catching material as it come out. He loves it when I sew a long set that he runs with.
My cats are in a supervisory role where my quilting is concerned. They act like they don’t have a vested interest in the outcome, but I know the REAL story!
Tuffy claims every quilt as his… from the pieces laying on the floor for layout to the completed quilt.
Molly my golden retriever like to chew on my tools and loves my thread
He’s a fabric thief!  If it’s on the floor – he’s off and running!  I trained him to trade his great finds for a tiny milk bone, so it’s great fun for everyone!
My Pomeranian has to dig, snort and roll in ANY fabric that touches the ground. If the batting is hanging down from the long arm he has to rub and roll in it too.
Every quilt has to be ‘tested’!  Each one is Sam’s
My cat tips over the trash can to get the thread wrappers to play with.
While still a puppy my dog reached through the side of his crate and ate the corner of a quilt. It became his bed. When it finally fell apart, I gave him another old quilt and he still sleeps on it every night.
Once when I was really tired, Emma brought me toy after toy trying to engage me in a game of fetch. She finally brought me a spool of thread.
My dog Ginger likes to set on the foot pedal when I’m not looking. So I have to watch her.
Mine just like to leave their fur everywhere.
Mon chat se couche sur mon travail de courtepointe quand je coupe, quand je couds et quand je le pique. Translation: My cat lies on my quilt work when I cut, when I sew and when I prick it.
My kitty is always in the sewing room while I’m working in there. She’s always walking or laying on my project as if inspecting my work! She my helper!
Walking around the house carrying quilt pieces from room to room and finally dropping them in his water bowl.  Guess he was just preshrinking the quilt fabric piece by piece
I have had 2 cats that sat at the back of my sewing machine and tried to catch the needle as it moved up and down.  For their safety, I had to remove them from the area
My dog always laid on my quilts when I was working on them.  She loved to watch me make them and she would fall asleep while I was piecing them.
My cat likes to lay on any quilt, whether I’m trying to quilt it, or whether it’s folded and stacked to be quilted or bound or whether it’s finished and waiting to be given away.
I always take pictures after I have finished a quilt before giving it away.  As soon as I lay the quilt down Darcey, my cat, appears out of nowhere and sits down in the center of the quilt waiting for me to snap the picture.
I have 3 Yorkies and if I get too close to the bottom of the design wall they steal my blocks and hide them from me. Probably their way to telling me to play with them instead of sewing.
Although Smokey doesn’t usually hang around in my sewing room, if I put a project down anywhere she will find it and make herself at home on it.
My golden retrievers love to hang out in my sewing room. They mostly lay around while I sew and don’t seem upset when I get up to press my sewing.
I have caught my Corgi several times laying on her back holding a straight pin between her paws and chewing on the end!  Scary!!  I shudder to think what is in her stomach.
My two Pomeranians love to cuddle on quilts I make, even gifts I have given to friends/family if we go for a visit.  They “seek” out mama’s treasures and plop their little bodies there in total comfort.
I had one beagle, who liked to crawl up and sleep on a fabric shelf.  I have another who steals thread, fabric, ribbon, lace, etc. – mostly to chew and leave for me.
Zuzu (my cat) will only sit in my lap if I am working on a quilt.  I made her a bed and quilt and she did not use them but will sleep on the pet beds that I make for Southeaster Guide dogs.
Likes to hide her treats in my bedding and quilts
Does not apply
They are in charge of inspection and quality control only??
Each of my hedgehogs has their own flannel-backed cuddle quilt when I hold them.
They physically inspect each project by laying on it.
She likes to hide my hand sewing items.
I also collect antique quilts. The older and more valuable, the faster he tries to lay on it.
My cat loves to knit with me, very tenderly she help with the yarn.
Right now I’m making microwave potholders. All three cats feel the need to deposit fur on the fabric.
My cat, P.E. likes to design quilts.  Whenever I arrange my quilt blocks in a pattern, she always re-arranges them.
My cat Sewfie, likes to play with the wheel on the side of the sewing machine while i am sewing
Lucy “fluffs” her quilt before she lies down on it.
He keeps nibbling on my quilt patterns!
My old dog used to tear all my quilts for comfort at the basting stage
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Laura-Jean (meme) Siggens

My service dog Rosebud my golden retriever (she is reddish in color) loves to follow me from one station in my sewing room to another, whether it is next to my feet at the cutting table, next to my layout of blocks on the floor, under my chair at my sewing machine (I have rolled over her tail many times-ouch), or under my ironing board or next too me on the sofa hand sewing she is always either under feet or next to me. She is my life line and my true pal in life and sewing. I love her… Read more »


My granddaughter’s cat would crawl under my quilts when he came to visit. I made her husband a quilt that the cat claimed. So I made him a small one 24″ x 26″ for himself. He now drags his quilt to wherever he wishes to sleep( bed, couch or floor) and curls up under it.