As gift giving season approaches, here’s a way to finish your beautiful pieced projects. Join Leila Gardunia as she shares her tip for taking a canvas frame and a few staples and turns that top into art you can hang on the wall!

  • Start with a pre-made blank canvas and frame the size you need.
  • Add a border to the edge of the top if needed. The border needs to go around the edge of the frame and have plenty of fabric to pull to the back and secure.
  • Press the top so all the seam allowances are going the direction you want them to stay. To help flatten any difficult areas, press and let cool under tempered glass.
  • Center the top over the canvas and temporarily tape in a few places on the back to hold in place.
  • Secure one side of the top making sure it is pulled into position to meet the edge of the frame as desired. Staple along the back.
  • Secure the opposite side pulling the top taunt but not over stretching the seams. Staple along the back.
  • Refer to the Leila Gardunia’s video below to finish the other two sides and the corners.


Want to make a top like Leila’s? Take her iquilt class to learn how!

You can also find the large sampler quilt in her book here!


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It happens that I was wondering how to do this. Thanks for the instructions Leila!