Piecing to a Point: Ohio, Pennsylvania, Hawaii, Colorado, Vermont


This summer, we’re making our way through the Quilt USA quilt! We have 50 states block patterns all ready to go, and an applique center proudly displaying the USA. Click Here for all the blocks and goodies including fabric requirements. To help you along, we’re bringing you a different technique each week that will help you with different blocks. This week, we’re working on Foundation paper piecing our state blocks.

Put those fantastic foundation paper piecing skills to work with these fun state blocks. Gather your fabrics and use the links below to access the patterns. Let’s get started.

Ohio block pattern here


Pennsylvania block pattern here


Hawaii block pattern here


Colorado block pattern here


Vermont block pattern here


Work with the block in sections

When piecing, split the block in half following a seam line so you to have two sections. It won’t necessarily divide the block with two symmetrical sides.

Split one of the sections in half again, this is a quarter.Build the quarter sections first, then build the halves.

When putting to halves together, there can be more bulk as the points come together in the center.

Try these tips:

  • Match the center point where all the points come together. Secure with a spot of glue like Roxanne’s Glue Baste-It. Give it a minute to dry.
  • Sew from the center point out to the edge of the block rather than one side of the block to the other.
  • If you have exposed biased edges that are stretching, use a piece of washi tape along the bias edge for added stability when piecing. Be sure the tape isn’t along your sewing line so it doesn’t get in your stitches. Carefully remove the tape before pressing.
  • Try using a walking foot for a more even feed.

Once the center seam is sewn, be sure all the seams are rotating on a clockwise fashion. Open the center where all the points come together with you finger and spin the points flat.

Here’s a visual illustrating this technique on a Quarter Square Triangle:

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