Must-Try Trends: Low Volume Quilts


We’re celebrating our 35th anniversary here at American Quilter’s Society, and it has us looking back at the trends that have shaped the quilting world and the trends of the moment fueling the future of quilting. This month, we’re trying low volume quilts.


Low volume quilts are made using a low contrast color palette, usually in the white to cream to gray family. The idea is that it’s a quilt with its “volume” turned down. Above is one of my favorite quilts of all time, FOR THE WEDDING OF MY BELOVED DAUGHTER by Kieko Morihiro. Using a limited, low contrast palette, Morihiro creates a subtle, but impactful design.

How to Try This Trend

Low volume quilts are perfect stash busters! You know all those prints that have white(ish) backgrounds with some colorful design, and they’re too colorful to be white but too white to be a color? Yeah, mine always went to the fabric closet to live out their days. But it turns out they’re perfect for low volume quilts. As are solids, subtle prints, white and black, batiks, creams, grays, polka dots of every variety, wovens, and more!

You can make a twist on low volume quilts by creating a monochromatic color palette, like an all black quilt or an all purple quilt.

This week, AQS members get an exclusive low volume quilt pattern, Shannon’s Triple Chain. Click here to get the pattern. Click here to become an AQS member and get access to hundreds of patterns!

low volume quilts

We’ve made a Pinterest board for collecting trendy ideas and we have a section for low volume quilts full of great inspiration and one very cute cat. It’s not my cat, but it’s really cute.

low volume quilts

Have you tried this trend? Show us your creations (and cats with quilts) in our Facebook group, AQS Quilting Project Parade. We can’t wait to see what you make!

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