Margo Yang’s Firework Pillow




Pillow Top: White cotton, 22″ square
Muslin Backing: 22″ square
Pillow Back: (2) 28″ x 21″ rectangles
Fireworks: Assorted Red and Pink flannel strips 1″ x width of fabric
Pillow Insert: 20″ square


From assorted red and pink flannel strips, make the Faux Rag Strips by laying three strips on top of each other and basting them down the middle.
Cut the Faux Rag Strips to various sizes between 2″ and 4″ long.
Layer the pillow top on top of muslin piece, right side up and baste them together.


Find the center of the 22″ pillow top square.

Starting at the center, place the Faux Rag Strips and pin them according to the pillow picture.
Add more Faux Rag Strips as you go and stitch them in place. Secure the beginning and ending stitches by backstitching.


After stitching all the Faux Rag Strips in place, square up the edges of the pillow top piece to 21″ square.


Putting it all together and finishing

With wrong sides together, fold each 28″ x 21″ pillow back rectangle in half length wise. Make (2) 14″ x 21″ double-thick pillow back pieces. Top stitch the folded edge 1⁄8″ from the edge. Overlap the 2 folded edges so pillow back measures 21″ x 21″ square. Pin the pieces together.


Put the pillow top on the work surface, right side up.

Put the pillow back pieces on top, matching all raw edges. Pin all the layers together.

Stitch around the outside edges using a ½” seam allowance. Stitch to the overlap-folded edges of the pillow back piece, make sure to secure the folded edges so the seams will not split when you insert the pillow form.

Clip the corners. Turn pillow cover right side out.

Clip all the Faux Rag Strips, then machine wash and dry the pillow cover.

Insert pillow form through back opening and you are finished!


Want to try more quick and easy Faux Rag Quilting? Check out Margo’s new book:


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