Here and There: Works by the Manhattan Quilters Guild Exhibit


Visit the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, Kentucy before November 15, 2016 to see this amazing exhibit. The National Quilters Museum extended an invitation to the Manhattan Quilters Guild to present their work without regard for theme, size, or year of completion in order to examine their “sense of place.”

To live or work in New York City is to live between the “Here” and the “There.” The city is vast and diverse, as are the Manhattan Quilters Guild’s members–some are native New Yorkers while others have origins in states across the country and countries across the globe. The quilts in this exhibition reflect Guild members’ many nationalities, travels, and desires to interpret the complexity of New York City life by depicting its architecture, advertising, graffiti, politics and historic events. These quilts also illustrate the quiet moments, the harmony of color and form, and the personal space that New Yorkers seek out to complement the constant movement and ever-changing nature of the city.


SPQR by Robin Schwalb
Facade by Goulston Robinson
Big Eye by Katherine Knauer
After the Storm by Ludmila Aristova


Learn more about the exhibit in this Museum video: 


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