Free Video Tutorial: Pillow Secret from Bonnie Browning


Bonnie Browning shows how to make a decorative pillow to fit any pillow form with no zipper. What’s different? She has a secret corner technique to show you that will give professional-looking results every time!



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This was awesome!! I will definitely use Bonnie’s corner method for pillows I make!!


There doesn’t seem to be any instruction about finishing the overlapping in the back. If the overlap is 4″ does that mean to fold each backing piece toward the wrong side for 4″?
What size is each backing piece?

Bonnie has the instructions written out and will give those to a designer to layout once she gets back to the office from Syracuse QuiltWeek®. Check back later to when we add the instructions to the post. Thanks! Let us know if you need anything else. Sylvia Thomas, AQS Social Media Manager

Janet Espeleta

This was a good video and I will definitely do the trick to make the corners more square the next time I make a pillow. The only thing I noticed Bonnie didn’t address was the fact that you have to hem the side of the back that will show on the outside of the pillow with the other section tucked underneath. Otherwise you will have a raw edge which would be unsightly.

jane bailey

great tutorial. thanks so much

Lillian K

Great Tutorial – What a great way to tackle those “pointy” corners I always get when making a pillow. I took notes on this and will now be able to make nicer looking pillows.
Thanks for this information.

when making the back, whey didn’t you turn under the fabric or sew the fabric with a serger stitch, won’t it rave? also did you sew off the corner of each corner and start up a new line when you turned your fabric to the next side. That was not clear in the tutorial. Love this Idea, I am making a pillow right now and will cut to size and make the back with the over lap. thanks.

Beckie Cann

When I pre-wash / dryer-shrink my fabrics, I zig-zag or machine-stitch finish both raw edges. After pressing / starching, I can use at least 2 finished edges for overlapping envelope pillow backing.

Pat Hanna

Where would I find the written instructions for the Video Tutorial: Pillow Secret from Bonnie Browning that would explain how to finish off the back of the pillow. This video was dated July 15, 2015. Thanks for your help. Pat Hanna at pahanna99@

Hi Pat, The Pillow Secret includes all the instructions for making the back of the pillow in the first portion of the video, demonstrating step by step. This video does not have accompanying written instructions. Thanks, Betsey