“Dew”dles in the Grass at Chattanooga


We received the following note from Alexa Lett, a member of an art community of Chattanooga, Tennessee that is housed in Chattanooga Workspace.

She writes:

One of our members is getting our city in the “Quilt” spirit…She rises early in the morning and goes down to Coolidge Park and creates a beautiful images in the dew. She has begun creating quilt “Dew”dles.

Just a lovely, wonderful drum roll in our city to your upcoming QuiltWeek. She has challenged us–Chattanooga–to learn quilt patterns. Hollie’s “Dew’dles” are special in our city, and we have all gotten the visual pleasure of her work. Not being in the city I thought you might find this interesting, and perhaps a first in the quilt art world. Just wanted to share her talents!

Dewdle 2

Dewdle 1

Just a unique way to celebrate your upcoming arrival…..thought you should know!

The artist’s name is Hollie Berry

We, at Chattanooga Workspace, are having many events (during QuiltWeek) and so look forward to your arrival!!

Alexa Lett
Textile Mixed Media Artist
Chattanooga Workspace

Here’s a LINK to Hollie’s Facebook page if you’d like to watch it continue!

Dewdle 3

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Dan'l Clanton

Finally….Quilted crop circles!!!!

Thanks for the share! I’m also posting time lapses showing how I made these Dewdles on my facebook page.