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With today’s technology, we all have the tools we need to be budding photographers. When flipping through your most recent collection of snapshots, set aside the colorful images that catch your eye. Let them inspire the colors of your next quilt.

Katie Pasquini Masopust has an amazing eye for color and has collected lots of photos to inspire her as she makes color choices for her quilts. Her passion for bringing her photos to fabric by translating color into fiber inspired me to play.

Here is a photo by my favorite photographer:

Photo by Sara Cross

Taking a page from Katie’s Artful Log Cabins iquilt class, I picked out a favorite quilt pattern and got to work.

This is Square Deal, you can find the pattern here.

Using the image for inspiration, I selected the key colors and got to work recoloring my Square Deal quilt. Here are the results:

I used the photo for inspiration and a little guided placement.

Now you try…

Step One:

Choose a photo.

  • Select a striking photo where the colors jump out at you.
  • Pick symmetrical images or go for something more scenic. Let the photo inspire the quilt rather than the lines of the quilt/block determine the photo you select.
  • Get as detailed as you like. A sunrise or sunset offers an array of colors to blend together with breathtaking results.

Step Two:

Choose a quilt.

  • Pick any quilt or block. There are no rules here.

Step Three:

Select fabrics.

  • Take your photo and sort through your stash. Pull fabrics that match the colors and values in your photo.
  • You can pick a few strong colors, or hunt for all the different colors and shades.
  • After picking your fabrics, sort them according to the fabric requirements or cutting instructions. 
  • You may wish to make a diagram of your quilt with color placements noted.

Now you are ready to make your quilt inspired from your photo.

Be sure to share your results with us on our Facebook group, AQS Project Parade.

This idea was inspired from Katie Pasquini Masopust’s iquilt class, Artful Log Cabins. She goes into great detail about using photos to inspire fabric selection and creating original quilt design using straight seam piecing. The simple construction let’s you get straight to the fun.

Take a look at her class:



Visit iquilt today and get inspired by Katie too!

No internet access, no problem, you can also get her class on DVD.

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