Build-A-Barn, Your Way!


BuildABarnSitting down to read Build-A-Barn: No Pattern Construction by Julie Sefton, I didn’t know quite what to expect. I was in for a treat.

All the barn pictures made me miss home. I could smell the leather and horse tack.

Hearing her story gave me courage to try new things. I appreciate her honesty and the sharing the struggles of her barn journey. Several times I chimed in with a ‘me too’ or ‘amen’ remembering those familiar growing pains a project goes through. How encouraging to hear the ups and downs of the creative process of another quilter.

But that’s not all!

Julie doesn’t stop there, she takes you by the hand and leads you through her barn building process step by step. Her versions help you to see the process. From skies and landscapes to chickens and cows she doesn’t leave out a detail. With constant words of encouragement, she shares the wisdom of her experiences making a path for your creative journey.

It’s a step on the wild side, where the creative wildflowers bloom, but it sure looks like fun! Find your copy right HERE.


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