Best Quilting Tips Ever!


Last week we asked you for your best quilting tips and here they are! We’ve selected twenty tips to share with you.

For the first set of tips, quilters shared they best advice they received as new quilters. Besides the most popular advice, ‘Measure twice, cut once,” here are ten nuggets of wisdom in no particular order:

  • Clip your threads as you go.
  • Pay attention to grain line.
  • Relax, have fun.
  • Always close your rotary cutter when not cutting.
  • Look at values, not just colors.
  • Careful, it’s addictive!
  • Take the time to master the 1/4″ seam.
  • Before cutting your new quilt, make a single block first.
  • Make what you like and trust your creative instincts.
  • Learn to read a pattern.

Here are ten ‘best tips ever’ quilters shared:

  • If the fabric is still ugly, you have not cut it small enough.
  • Be patient with yourself.
  • Take the selvages off of backing before you quilt.
  • Square up everything as you go.
  • Do something quilty every day.
  • Use the 45 degree line on your ruler to trim half square triangles.
  • Always close the rotary cutter.
  • Write the date you change the rotary cutter blade on the new blade.
  • Once you have learned a technique, do it your own style.
  • Take your time and enjoy the journey of learning to quilt.

What’s your best quilting tip ever? Let us know in the comments below!

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After every quilting session, take a few minutes to tidy up. Helps to keep the “creating chaos” under control.

Jane McCarthy

Quilt when energy is highest and other factors won’t interfere with your concentration and enjoyment.

Jeanette Kidd

I use different widths of painters tape as a guide to quilt my borders. Then, I save the tape to be used to pull out ripped stitches or for thread control (on the floor or around the sewing machine.)

Niña Klinck

Just cut it…it’s not terminal!


I love the “If the fabric is still ugly, you have not cut it small enough.”!

Life’s too short to use ugly fabric!

Phoebe Billing

Go to shows, take classes, visit quilt shops and hops … learning is FUN

Linda R. Yokelson

When 2 pieces aren’t matching up the way they should, sew with the bigger piece on the bottom so the feed dogs can help ease the bulk.

Linda R. Yokelson

When cutting lots of strips, the fewer cuts you make reduces how often you need to square up again. So, if you are cutting 2″ strips for example, make your first cut at 12″, and then subcut at 2″ intervals. Then, make another 12″ cut and do the same. This way, you have only made 2 cuts from your yardage, have 12 strips cut, and won’t need to square up again yet.

Chris K.

Put a mat at the door of your quilting room. That keeps the threads from migrating to other rooms.

Peg de Montmorency

Best quilting tip ever – It’s better to be finished than perfect.
2nd best – It’s OK to use steam in your iron.

Liz Morgan

Measure twice cut once.


Use Starch!

Jeannine M Short

If you have a warped cutting mat……..turn your oven on the lowest degree it will go, approx. 200 degrees. Lay your mat on the oven rack and DO NOT walk away! Watch it constantly. Within a few seconds to a minute it will lie flat again. Remove it with pot holders and lay on a flat surface like the floor. It will cool almost instantly. I tried everything to repair my large mat, nothing worked and I didn’t want to cut it in to smaller non-warped pieces. I tried this with my mat and it worked beautifully. I’m still using… Read more »


The best tip I ever got was to measure through the center when cutting borders.

Marlene Sebastian

I have so many quilt kits to make up that I don’t have any comment except that I love all things quilt. I am taking my sewing machine with me to Florida today to finish off the edges of my daughter’s wedding quilt that I made in 2000, the year she married. It made it to the quilters’ before her 20 th anniversary in Oct. 2020. I will be at Disney World for 4 weeks and it is first on my agenda.

Marlene Sebastian

Love the variation of the chain block quilt. Was happy to do the quilt size survey. I see quilts that I would like to make and I always check. If it’s smaller than a full size, I quit reading. I don’t want to spend my time on little quilts yet. I need to supply myself with bed size quilts first.


I am very new to quilting. I’m working on my first quilt ever. A good friend of mine helped me overcome my fear of the sewing machine I bought 5 years ago( it was still in the box). After several days of practicing I am starting my quilt. Loving this journey for me.


I was warned of the “ Quilt Police” when I started. I ignore the quilt police. You will never get better unless you make many mistakes first. Still, get advice so you know what you need to practice most.

When marking diagonal lines on a fabric square to make half square triangles glue a piece of extra fine sandpaper to a piece of Masonite to stop the fabric from slipping or distorting. It will be easy to draw the diagonal line.


Some Native American cultures believe the Great Spirit is perfect, so in anything made by your hands leave a small imperfection on purpose. It’s OK to make boo boos.


Thanks for sharing these tips. My favorite is the suggestion to write the date on your rotary blade each time you change it.

Mary Ellen Perry

Make a notebook of your ideas, drawings, magazine and dowloaded patterns for inspiration or as a documentary of your ‘journey’. You’ll beable to ‘look back’ and see your progress.


There are no quilt police. Trust your gut or make choices because you like it.