2018 AQS Creative Organizer: April




Use April to boost your creativity! Try this fun project to get your creative juices flowing. Join us on our Facebook Group starting April 1 and share your daily pictures – inspire each other!  

Take a picture each day for 30 days to look at your creative world in a new way. The images having nothing to do with quilting. Explore the world and let things you may not normally notice inspire you. You can print your picture and add it to your planner page, make a quick sketch, or trace key elements – whatever suits you! Pick a couple questions at the bottom of the page to write about the image, or record your own thoughts about the image. By the end of the month your creativity will be rejuvenated!


Use this handy chart to keep track of cleaning your creative tools and equipment.

Record your projects on the April Project pages too.

Download your April pages here.

Did you miss a month, download all the 2018 pages here.

Visit the Creative Organizer Homepage here.

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I am having trouble with the new April pages. I downloaded the PDF. But all it will print out is page 1 & 2 with screen shots of what the 2 pages look like, but cannot get full size pages of the 30 days or Studio Cleaning Checklist. The print is so small on screen of pages 1 & 2 or printed out I can not read them. Please make the instructions clearer. I love your ideas, I don’t love the hassle sorry to say. Last time was my fault, but don’t think it is me this time.

Cheryl Henveld

Great idea.