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When the Sparta (Illinois) High School Class of 1973 reunion committee decided that their 40th would be the best reunion ever, they called on American Quilter’s Society member Linda May-Drew to add something special.

Knowing that Linda is a creative and prolific quilter, they wondered if one of Linda’s quilts would be the perfect answer to the never-ending problem of reunion fundraising.

Although only a few short months remained before the reunion, Linda gladly said “yes” to the request. Soon, photos of the finished quilt arrived – and on it, so much more than they expected.

The quilt is a traditional Log Cabin design in blue and white prints. It’s a color the class would proudly call Bulldog Blue. Linda includes a panel on the back of the quilt that describes the significance of the Log Cabin – with a special nod to the heritage of the class’s home town and their growing-up years. But that’s not all…

Take a closer look – there, on the back, amidst plenty of wide-open space for class signatures and remarks at the reunion, are more blocks that add unique personality to the quilt.

Linda, who has an extensive memorabilia collection, used a fabric-printing technique to turn the quad-fold  program from the class’s 1973 graduation into a permanent memory for the recipient – and fun for the class members to read at the reunion.





A bulldog?  Of course!






No quilt is complete without a signature block.

It’s a great idea for any reunion – and adaptable for any group or fundraising effort. It’s more than a quilt – it’s quilted memorabilia! Classmates love the idea, and the tickets are selling like hotcakes.

Here’s what Linda had to say in answer to a few questions:

How long have you been quilting?
Since 1997. I took the first quilt I made to my grandmother, and she taught me to do the hand quilting.  After completing the first quilt, a close friend, Esther Pope from Mountain Home, Missouri, invited me to join her in a quilting project at a local quilt store. From there, my love of quilting blossomed into what it is today.


Were you sewing before you learned to quilt?
I have been sewing since fourth grade, 1964. My first skirt was for a 4H project. That skirt hangs as decoration in my sewing room today.

What’s your favorite aspect of quilting?
Picking out the fabrics, putting colors together and using creative talent to make the block and piece the quilt.

How long have you been a member of AQS?
Since 2007.

How much time do you spend on quilting during the week?
Before retirement, about ten to fifteen hours a week. Since retirement, that is all I am doing. And I love it.

What is your quilting room like?
Our home was built in 2008 with a sewing room specified in the plans. This room, decorated with a Victorian sewing theme, includes features such as natural lighting that are designed to meet the needs of a quilter. My Baby Lock is at the center. Two antique sewing machines were handed down to me from my grandmothers, who quilted everything by hand. Both are still functional; however, they simply accentuate my décor today.

Do you have a home business?
I am beginning to move in that direction. A few weeks ago, my husband decided to turn the third-car side of the garage into a quilting room. We invested in Baby Lock’s Crown Jewel quilting machine. I am now in the process of developing the skills necessary to create and piece as well as to machine quilt all of my projects.

Here’s a photo of Curves and Illusions, which Linda designed:

Linda would like to acknowledge Karen Swensen of Jay, Oklahoma, for her skill in machine quilting the projects pictured here.

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Judy Markotay Burns

We were so excited Linda agreed to and accepted our challenge of doing our quilt fundraiser! To me it is an honor to have a fellow classmates donate her time and talent. I have been following her talent on Facebook and that’s when the idea hit me! We were ecstatic when we received the final result of the quilt. After those attending have ‘signed’ the quilt the winner will be drawn. One fellow classmate will be SO lucky to win this quilt! Thanls again Linda May Drew!~!!!