Free Pattern: Leaf Block


Welcome to Big Blocks

Here is our first Big Block: Leaf

Leaf – 18″ Block

Big Girl Leaf Block Image

Fabric Requirements

Leaf Points – four scraps of at least 7″
Leaf Body – one scrap of at least 13″
Background – 5/8 yard

Cutting Instructions

From the Leaf Points fabric, cut:
(4) 7″ squares

From the Leaf Body fabric, cut:
(1) 13″ square

From the background fabric, cut:
(1) 6 1/2″ square
(4) 7″ squares
(1) 13″ square

Assembly Instructions

  • Using the leaf point squares and background squares, make half square triangles. Size to 6 1/2″.

BGB Leaf 1   BGB Leaf 1a

  • Using the leaf body square and the background square, make a half square triangle. Size to 12 1/2″.

BGB Leaf 1BGB Leaf 2

  • Sew the Leaf block together.

BGB Leaf 3b

Catch up on the Big Block Challenge!

Find all the patterns by clicking HERE.

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Interesting idea… new grandson’s room has a nautical theme….if I make it all in blue and white, I might put them all together as a quilt for his big-boy bed. I have a roll of blue ocean Amafu fat-quarters….☺☺☺
Thanks for the inspiration! ♥♥♥

I wish to be included in your big block notifications.

Jean Perry

Thanks! Sounds fun.


Looks like fun!

love thisidea!!!!

Colleen Smith

Sounds interesting.


This looks like fun, it will be interesting to pick fabrics and see how they play out in a big block.

Joyce Montanari

So many things with this block! A jesrer’s hat, mountains, leaf, crowns…what fun!

Love it

Love it his idea!

I am some what a new quilter, therefore, this will be a great to start. Hopefully, my previous sewing and love of quilting will help me advance quickly.

Hi Monta, Yes, this will be a perfect starting point for beginning quilters. We hope you have fun with it! Sylvia Thomas, AQS Social Media Manager

Elaine Paulson

sound like fun!


I love big blocks!


Please include me in this BIG GIRL challenge, I would love to do this!! Gonna get some fabric out of my stash right now! Yay !!


Count me in! I love the idea!


This looks like it will be fun…look forward to seeing new patterns too!

sherrill hilton

please include me in big girl blocks. thanks

Dawn Cross

oh boy! a new challenge.

Frances Gunst

Love this idea and I would like to be included.

Laura B.

Just did a 6″ block yesterday, do big one today.Fun fun.

Laura B.

Just did a 6″ leaf yesterday. Plan on doing 18″ leaf today. Lots of fun,


Love this!


Like to try it.

Judy Slape

I have never done any big girl blocks before, this will be a challenge for sure! Also a way to use some of the fabric in my fabric room that is just waiting for this type of project. I have so many fabrics that I can’t bear to cut up into small pieces!

Teresa Maki

I can’t wait to get started, this looks like a lot of fun. I always love a challenge!


Don’t know how many I’ll get done but I like the idea of using up scraps count me in



Add me in too please!

Mary Cooke-Jones

Please count me in! Thanks!

Barb K.

This looks like fun! Would like to join in.


I’m in!


I would like to join in.

Louise Buker

Please include me in your Big Girl Block notification. I like to make quilts but have problems with my hands so I have found that Big Blocks are much better for me. Also they are much easier to turn into a contemporary style of quilt for the younger people. Thanks.


Love the ideas! Count me in!!


Thanks for using your words to tell male quilters that they are NOT welcome at AQS. Sexism works both ways you know.

While I like the idea, your name is tone deaf, at best. It calls to mind now being able to go pee pee in the potty and willfully excludes any male quilters. How about Super Sized Stitching or Mega Block Bonanza, instead?


Love this! I have never made a big block but always wanted to. Let’s do this. 🙂

Big girl? What is this, 1955?

: Thank you for using your words to tell male quilters that they are NOT welcome at AQS. Sexism works both ways you know.


Omg, I love this! I love being condescended to by calling it A “Big Girl” challenge like I am a 6 year old who is just learning to sew!


What a great idea, all the girls can play at being designers. Of course the women may be wondering if it is 1955.


Not to mention that you have excluded all the male quilters – and there are quite a few- by choosing to call it “Big Girl” blocks. I wonder how Ricky Tims would feel if he were starting out today and saw this “challenge.” Would he say “well I am just one of the girls” and play along — I doubt it.


I would like to join if it’s not too late! Love big blocks!


Really Big Girl?? What about all the Little Girls or Big Boys – I don’t know who thought up this ridiculous, sexist, 1950’s – esqu name but this needs to be re-thought.

Ken Casey

I sure would have enjoyed this. Too bad…


Kris in TX

I would like to make this but is there a link to print the pattern more easily??? Thanks in advance …

For those wanting to download a PDF of the instructions, we are getting that loaded for you. I apologize for the confusion. I got ahead of our designer on this one and she is taking care of it today and getting the PDF loaded for you. Please check back. ~ Sylvia Thomas, AQS Social Media Manager

Big Girl? All grown up? What the heck?

Is this the other end of the spectrum of quilts like Kathy Nida’s, now pulled from Quiltweek exhibits?

[…] AQS, offering a new challenge of making eighteen inch blocks of traditional patterns called “Big Girl Blocks, A Big Girl Challenge Just For You.” I doubt this comment will get moderated but hey, at […]