Quilt Across the US with AQS – 50 State Quilt Blocks


Welcome to Quilt Across the US with AQS – 50 State Quilt Blocks!

Along with 50 State Mug Rugs for AQS Members.

Each week you will find five state block patterns released in the order they joined the Union. In the AQS Member access area, you can also find the same five states’ Mug Rug patterns.

The state blocks are the vintage blocks shared among quilters for generations presented in Bonnie K. Browning’s book, Vintage Quilt Blocks State by State, which is no longer in print. A special thank you to Bonnie for letting us use her book as a resource. Care has been taken to not alter the line design of the blocks and follow the traditional colorings.

There are many ways to make these blocks. We have chosen to offer patterns using a variety of techniques to finish the blocks with skill and precision. Try our methods, or use your favorite!

Please join us on the AQS Project Parade Facebook group to share your progress!

Week One:

Delaware Quilt Block

Delaware Mug Rug


Pennsylvania Quilt Block

Pennsylvania Mug Rug


New Jersey Quilt Block

New Jersey Mug Rug


Georgia Quilt Block

Georgia Mug Rug


Connecticut Quilt Block

Connecticut Mug Rug


Week Two:

Massachusetts Quilt Block

Massachusetts Mug Rug


Maryland Quilt Block

Maryland Mug Rug


South Carolina Quilt Block

South Carolina Mug Rug


New Hampshire Quilt Block

New Hampshire Mug Rug


Virginia Quilt Block

Virginia Mug Rug


Week Three:

New York Quilt Block

New York Mug Rug


North Carolina Quilt Block

North Carolina Mug Rug


Rhode Island Quilt Block

Rhode Island Mug Rug


Vermont Quilt Block

Vermont Mug Rug


Kentucky Quilt Block


Kentucky Mug Rug


Week Four:

Tennessee Quilt Block

Tennessee Mug Rug


Ohio Quilt Block


Ohio Mug Rug


Louisiana State Block

Louisiana Mug Rug


Indiana State Block

Indiana Mug Rug


Mississippi State Block

Mississippi Mug Rug


Week Five:

Illinois State Block

Illinois Mug Rug

Alabama State Block

Alabama Mug Rug


Maine Quilt Block

Maine Mug Rug


Missouri Quilt Block

Missouri Mug Rug


Arkansas Quilt Block

Arkansas Mug Rug


Week Six:

Michigan State Block

Michigan Mug Rug


Florida State Block

Florida Mug Rug



Texas State Block

Texas Mug Rug


Iowa State Block

Iowa Mug Rug

Wisconsin State Block

Wisconsin Mug Rug


Week Seven:

California State Block

California Mug Rug


Minnesota State Block

Minnesota Mug Rug


Oregon State Block

Oregon Mug Rug


Kansas State Block

Kansas Mug Rug


West Virginia State Block

West Virginia Mug Rug


Week Eight:

Nevada State Block

Nevada Mug Rug


Nebraska State Block

Nebraska Mug Rug


Colorado State Block

Colorado Mug Rug

North Dakota State Block


North Dakota Mug Rug


South Dakota State Block

South Dakota Mug Rug


Week Nine:

Montana State Block

Montana Mug Rug


Washington State Block

Washington Mug Rug


Idaho State Block

Idaho Mug Rug


Wyoming State Block

Wyoming Mug Rug


Utah State Block

Utah Mug Rug


Week Ten:

Oklahoma State Block

Oklahoma Mug Rug


New Mexico State Block

New Mexico Mug Rug


Arizona State Block

Arizona Mug Rug


Alaska State Block

Alaska Mug Rug


Hawaii State Block

Hawaii Mug Rug


Block Guides

We’ve curated the blocks by suggested assembly technique and added tips along the way. Check them all out below.

Patchwork Piecing

Brush up on your patchwork piecing skills for making the 50 States quilt blocks!

Template Piecing

Learn about template cutting and how to use them with piecing.

English Paper Piecing Basics

Learn the basics of English Paper Piecing.

EPP Blocks with Center Points

Work with sections to tackle EPP blocks with center points.

EPP Blocks with Curves

Did you know you can curved piece using EPP? Learn how!

EPP Block Practice

Master EPP through practice with these five blocks.

Foundation Paper Piecing Basics

Learn the fundamentals of FPP.

FPP to a Point

Manage matching points, unruly bias, and bulky seams while Foundation Paper Piecing.

Applique All the Way

Get applique tips in multiple techniques to find what works best for you!

Finish Strong

With all your skills, finish off the last few state blocks!

Show off your creations, connect with other quilters, and get inspired!

Be sure to join our growing community of quilters at the AQS Project Parade Facebook Group. There are lots of great quilters there to answer questions and encourage you along your quilting journey.

Members get even more…

AQS Members can access hundreds of patterns and all past issues of American Quilter magazine at any time.

Not a member? Join today!

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Fay Schroeder

Sounds interesting.

Judy D

Don’t know who designed these blocks but… they are too busy. In fact, I live in Maine and the block is super ugly. Why are state blocks not in tones of red,white and blue. With a specific color for each state. For example, a deep red, white,a sea blue plus a pine green. ?


I’m excited!!

This is Excellent, All the States – – in order of how they joined. At the perfect time, a project for my Grand children to learn some sewing and all about the states. Thank You, I am excited to get started.

a great adventure and history reminder

m brehl

Why are these blocks for these states? And colors?

Holly Trotter

I’ve been interested in the state blocks and now I can do them..yahoo!

[…] AQS Free block website […]


Are the fabric requirements going to posted somewhere like on the other AQS projects – Either for all the blocks or mug rugs? Or is the only option to purchase the fat quarters pack each week?


I have been looking for a project to use my state flowers fabrics on, this will be perfect. Thank you!!

Me too… I am going to use my State Flower fabrics too!

Cathy King

Sounds great!


I like the American made fabrics but am not a fan of solids in general. I think I will use reproduction fabrics appropriate to the time that each state joined but try to stay with the overall color theme suggested in the insturctions. If I don’t have the correct period, I use something else that represents the state like tropical or batiks for Hawaii, cowboy/western for Wyoming, etc. A great opportunity to dive into my stash.

Georgia Davison

This looks like a fun project!!!! Will state birds, flowers, animals, trees, etc follow in the future? They could all make a nice series of quilts celebrating the uniqueness of each of our glorious 50 states…. just a thought.

Teresa Ayars

I see we can order the fat quarters to make these but the bundle say you may need more of certain colors. I’d like to order enough to the same time to make them all. I don’t want a lot of leftover colors either. Any advice?


Hi Betsey, Sorry if I missed this somewhere but will the Big bundle be enough fabric to do all 50 states and the mug rugs or do I need to use other fabric for the mug rugs. Also, please thank Bonnie for me – I didn’t even know there was a book on Vintage Blocks State by State. This is an excellent history lesson for my grandchildren.

I love this project and am excited to get started on it. I’ve been looking for a project that will help me hone my paper piecing skills!
Thank you!


Me Parece estupendo este proyecto!!
Muy interesante por todos sus conceptos. No soy americana, pero me siento orgullosa por vosotras, quilters!
Seguiré vuestros avances con mucha curiosidad.
Gracias a todas las personas implicadas!
Un abrazo desde España!


Hi, I am recently new to AQS, like June of this year. this 50 states is what got me to join, I am wondering if these patterns are going to be available for awhile or do I need to download all of them now.?


I have been printing the blocks that represent where my ancestors came from in the US and where my husband and I were born. Luckily all 6 of my children were born in CA!

Cheryl Wessels

Thanks so much for these beautiful blocks. They are very special and easy to make (well, most of them).
Please send thanks to Bonnie Browning also. Love them.

Debbie Morsching

Love that these blocks are unique and a little more detailed. Thank you!


Where can I find state flowers fabrics?


I am looking forward to starting these. With every block different, there will be no boredom!! I have been having one problem–I cannot get the Idaho block to download. I click on PDF and it does not come up.


To put these all together, what color sashing would you use? I’m not good with choosing colors.

Donna di Natale

I’m enjoying these blocks and plan to make them all. Thank for the foundation piecing and English paper piecing templates on some of the more complex blocks.

Are you aware that several of the links to the block PDFs do not work? All I get is a blank page. Iowa, Oregon, Oklahoma, Alaska, and a couple others that I can’t remember.

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