2018 AQS Creative Organizer: October



Get ready for the gift-giving season with this handy chart. Use it to list recipients along the top and any gifts you are making for multiple recipients along the side. Check each recipient who will receive that gift. Now you can make your plan for quick assembly-style construction. When it’s time to pack up your gifts, check your list!


With three holidays upon us, this is a good time to make sure everything is in order. Use these handy bullet lists for each holiday season to create bullet lists to keep you organized! Customize them to meet your specific needs.


Also included: October Calendar and project pages.

Happy Fall!

Download your October pages here!

Download January through October here.

Visit the Creative Organizer Homepage here.

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The October pages aren’t on the home page, and there is no link in the blog post.


Hello! Thank you for providing thes GREAT planners, I look forward to them each month and have shared this blog with my sewing friends. Upon getting my email, the Creative Organizer was not available, and the link has a loop and the pages never print.