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Since 2013, Zappy Dots has been known for making tools and accessories for quilters and cross stitchers. You may have seen your favorite quilter’s patterns atop our Needle Nannies, magnetic needle tins, scissor fobs, and ceramic magnets. (You can read more about how those products came into being in this post on the AQS blog!) Now, we’re expanding our product offerings to include a line of made-to-order apparel, starting with our first product: The Zappy Band.

Why Made-to-Order Apparel?

After spending time in southwest Florida, Zappy Dots Founder Kim Ivkov discovered the benefits of the luxe, sun-protective fabric frequently used in resort wear. It’s breathable, moisture-wicking, silky soft, stretchy, UVA/UVB blocking, pill-free, fade-free, wrinkle-free, and stain-resistant. Best of all, she learned that the printing options with this kind of fabric are incredible — allowing for a growing print-on-demand collection of detailed and vibrant artwork. She saw a unique opportunity to bring this product to a new group of wearers. Fast-forward to today, where we’re working with talented and well-known quilters, as well as a team of amazing graphic designers, to come up with prints that really speak to our creative-minded audience.

We’ve learned that the clothing items are as fantastic in the snowy Colorado mountains as they are on the sunny Florida beaches. They’re particularly nice in the quilting studio. Aside from being cool and comfortable, thread clippings and fabric scraps slip right off and batting won’t catch on the smooth, pill-free surface. Plus, you don’t have to choose function over fashion; the prints and silhouettes are nice enough to be worn anywhere. Take the Studio Tunic, for instance — it’s more than just a messy “art smock” you keep hidden in your studio. You can easily wear it to brunch, the beach, or a business meeting. And that’s our goal: To offer clothing that fits any creative taste or lifestyle.

The Zappy Band

While we currently are in the process of making the Studio Tunic and other made-to-order apparel items available on our website, we wanted to momentarily shift our focus to creating something that could be of benefit during the COVID19 pandemic that’s affecting us all. That’s where the Zappy Band comes in.

The Zappy Band is made from one of the amazingly soft, stretchy, UPF 50-protective fabrics we’re using in our apparel items. It’s constructed as a tube, and it can be worn countless ways:

… as a face mask

… as a neck gaiter, neckerchief, or hood

… as a headband, hairband, do-rag, or hair tie

Best of all, we’re donating 20% of the proceeds from this product to Project C.U.R.E. This Denver-based charity is supporting local healthcare systems in the U.S. by making donations of medical supplies to hospitals, EMS, and governments during the COVID outbreak. This means our customers are directly helping medical professionals get the medical-grade protection they need to do their job during this difficult time, while in return, they’re getting a fun and useful product for themselves that offers a peace-of-mind and a whole lot of versatility!

Knowing this, the talented artists, quilters, and stitchers who license their designs with Zappy Dots quickly jumped in to create a huge collection of beautiful custom prints. The Zappy Band also gives our shoppers a look into how our made-to-order apparel process works: You choose your favorite patterns, and then each one is printed, sewn, and shipped to you directly from our U.S.-based manufacturer.

You can see the new Zappy Band for yourself here, and keep checking back — we have more made-to-order items being added regularly!

Creative Ways to Use the Zappy Band

– While the Zappy Band is not intended to prevent the transmission of the COVID19 virus, or any other airborne pathogen, it does serve as excellent protection from the harsh sun and other outdoor elements including dirt, sand, sea-spray, and wind. (Please note, we always defer to the CDC on when and how to use face coverings. Here are their current suggestions on how to safely wear cloth face coverings as masks.)

– The Zappy Band makes a great barrier to keep you from touching your face while you’re out and about.

– It makes the perfect social-distancing approved gift — mail one directly to friends or family!

– Nurses and doctors working long hours appreciate using the Zappy Band as a headband because it’s so soft and stretchy.

Visit Zappy Dots to learn more!

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