Why Bobbin Quilt?


What is bobbin quilting? When you turn your quilt upside down and quilt from the back rather than the front the bobbin thread is showcased on the front of the quilt.

Why would you want to do this? Have we got some fun in store for you!!!

  • Bobbin quilting lets you use a variety of threads that you couldn’t normally use by threading them through the top of your machine and the tiny needle eye.
  • Bobbin quilting lets you use any thread that you can reasonably wind on the bobbin.
  • Bobbin quilting removes the headaches of broken needles and frayed thread.
  • Bobbin quilting adds texture and depth by using a variety of threads and layering them with regular quilting.
  • Bobbin quilting creates embellishment accents drawing the eye to key areas.

While bobbin quilting is a special technique, it is so simple every quilter should try it! You’ll love the results!

Michelle Scott has some great resources to help you along the way.

In her online iquilt class, Michelle shows you how to set up your machine, work with the threads, and get to quilting. Take a look at this preview:


Visit Michele’s iquilt class to learn more.

Looking for some great projects? Michele has several fun projects available in her book, Bobbin Quiltin’ and Fusin’ Fun. 

Not only does this book feature 11 great projects but has two great resource charts offering a guide to threads and an overview of all of the most popular fusibles.

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