Whose Fur is on Your Quilt?


Quilters love critters and critters love quilts! Tell us about the “fur baby” who cuddles up on your quilts.

Please take a minute and answer the questions below.

Next week we will share your stories and we’d love to share pictures of your critters with your quilts. Please share your pictures with us on Facebook or email them to us at betsey.langford@americanquilter.com  You can see those submitted by clicking here.



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Pam Losely

Gotta love those furballs!

Carol Walp

Will be fun to see results.

Diane Crandell

This was fun. Wish we could attach a picture of our baby!


My best friend both helps and hinders! 🙂 A fun little survey!

My cats are always involved with my quilts. I have come back to my machine midst putting on a binding to find a cat or two sitting on it. I have a large cutting table…half of it is covered with cat beds. =^..^=

Kay Austin

I have numerous beds in my sewing room. She sleeps in the bed where I am working, but prefers me to hand-quilt so she can lay under the quilt!


One likes to sleep by running machine. He also dumps and steals safety pins

S wood

Mine sleeps by running machine or lays on quilt I am sewing. Also dumps pin container any chance he gets.