What’s Your Precut Passion?




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Enjoy using pre-cuts when looking for a variety of fabric textures and for quickness of piecing.

Elaine Dawson

Love the size and variety. Easy to combine other fabrics for a stunning quilt.

Kim Light

I love all pre-cuts but the ones I find myself buying most often are the 5×5 charm packs.


I find precuts cost prohibitive, except for the candy squares.


Since the majority of my quilts are for the needy children, precuts save the day since I don’t have to spend so much time cutting everything! I’d much rather spend the time making the quilts than cutting them out. I also machine stitch the bindings.

Barbara McCarty

I do not like the precut with pinked edges. I have trouble lining up the fabrics to make an accurate seam.

I rarely use pre-cuts but when I do it’s the 10″ size. Most pre-cuts are only one line (same company, same colors) and produce uninteresting quilts. I use mostly pre-cuts of solids and mix with my own fabrics. If a fabric can’t “hold hands” with my stash, I don’t buy it.

Kathleen DeCarli

As an appliqué I often use small pieces of a variety of fabrics which makes precut more useful than yardage.


I won’t buy precuts with pinked edges – too hard to use. Mostly store them in shallow “useful” plastic boxes to keep them contained,visible and easy to stack. Usually mix and match between sets for my own colorways.


I like the versatility of fat quarters. They give me lots of options.

I buy fat quarters for the variety that they can add to my stash. I also have to prewash my fabrics to get all of the finishes that manufacturers put in the fabric ( I have allergies and can enjoy sewing without all of the sizing etc.) You can’t wash jelly rolls, layer cakes or charm pack without them fraying.


Using fat quarters has taught me so much about mixing color, texture, and pattern. They are easy to cut into the shapes needed for most projects and look so darned pretty on display!


Precuts are great….no guessing what goes together!


I do not use precuts much. Once in a while, rarely I will buy a charm pack. I have so much fabric, i cant see the point in buying more that is pre cut.

B. Conquest

I like the concept of charm squares, but dislike their pinked edges.

Jill Bange

I love the variety. I love strip quilting.

I didn’t answer #2 because my answer would only be because as a scrap quilter, it adds variety. I prefer not to buy anything smaller than a fat quarter as I pre-wash, and the small ones don’t do that well, obviously.


I am shaking quite badly so I am happy to have the use of precuts. They are more precise and I don’t have to worry about them being consistant. For people like me, they are a blessing. Laser cuts are also wonderful but way to expensive as of yet. Hopefully the price will come down as they are made more popular.

Priscilla Cooksey

I love the versatility of precuts! I also love Moda’s mini charm packs and Jolly Bars. I just love all quilting fabric.