What Quilters Want – Survey Results


So what’s on everyone’s Christmas wishlist?

Clearly you can’t go wrong with fabric! Nearly half of all respondents put fabric at the top of their list. Here’s what the numbers showed (participants were welcome to select more than one):

  • 49% Fabric
  • 42% New Gadget – Surprise me!
  • 25% Rotary Cutter Blades – Very practical
  • 22% Precuts
  • 15% The Dream Machine

Here is a list of things that appeared more than once in the write in responses:

  • Cutting system and dies
  • More time to sew
  • Money and Gift Cards
  • Quilt Books
  • Rulers
  • EQ7
  • Rotary Cutters (to go with the blades)
  • More Creative Space/Studio
  • Cutting table
  • Bookcase
  • Quilt Show Tickets
  • Longarm
  • And several of you included Peace on Earth, good will to ALL.

When it comes to quilting, does Santa deliver?

Oh yes, and it looks like he’s been checking his list carefully.

Quilters were evenly split between a new machine, something fun for the studio, and a home made gift being the best ever quilting gifts.

So what were the favorites?

  • Gift Cards
  • Marble cutting table 
  • Cordless iron
  • Sewing table
  • Featherweight 
  • Short arm quilting machine
  • Rotary cutting mat
  • Calendar with gorgeous quilt pictures
  • Family

And do we deck those halls..and design walls? 

One in every five quilters brings the cheer right into their creative space.

So what were the top excuses not to?

  • Space
  • Dislocated for the holidays
  • My Christmas projects do double time as decorations while I work on them – someone is pretty smart!

What about those that do? Little Christmas was the popular decoration, while one quilter keeps a little fabric Christmas tree up all year, she even offered to share a picture with us! Please do.

Just how busy are Santa’s little elves *wink, wink*?

85% of respondents reported having at least put in enough hours in Santa’s workshop to make one Christmas gift with over 15% making five or more!

We don’t need Wooville to tell us, quilters hearts are GREAT BIG!

Several respondents chimed in that they complete charity projects for the holidays too. Bless you all!

Finally, when it snows, does it chill our quilting spirit? For two unfortunate souls, the snow stops them cold. Well, literally for one, she says her studio is too cold if it snows so she must retreat elsewhere.

The other, I feel the need to directly quote, for her wintry vigilance serves us all. This human de-icer reports, “When it snows, I mostly stand at the window and glare a the snow in an attempt to melt it with my hatred.”

Nearly 47% bundle up and stitch the snow day away, while 41% off you were quilting anyway. It looks like the rest of you flew South for the winter!

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