What is a Tuffet?

Jessie Wilcox Smith 1912


Remember that time when Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet? Thankfully, more came from the experience than a bout of arachnophobia. The idea of a tuffet being a low stool sprang from the page into our imaginations. Before the popularity of the nursery rhyme, a tuffet was defined as a grassy patch, like a tuft of grass. But with the popularity of Miss Muffet came a comfy short stool home dec movement. Thankfully the curds and whey didn’t catch on too.

Today, quilters everywhere are in love with tuffets. Here at AQS we are too! We’ve got everything to help you with your tuffet needs. Take a look…


Make a tuffet of your very own with tuffet expert Sharyn Cole (I really hope she has that on a name plaque somewhere!)

Class features:

  • choosing fabric
  • preparing the foundation
  • flip-and-sew method
  • construction – right down to the very last cute little foot!  

Go HERE to take the class


Sharon’s class uses the fabric foundation giving the fabric extra support while remaining flexible for a perfect fit.

Get yours HERE

Fabric Foundation Pattern

If you prefer, Sharon also offers a fusible foundation. Get yours HERE

Fusible Foundation pattern

Both patterns include the foundation and a detailed step-by-step photographic instruction booklet.


Need the construction supplies? Here’s the kit to put it all together…


Tuffet Kit Components


Kit includes:

  • stained feet
  • plywood circle
  • upholstery foam
  • batting
  • button
  • heavy duty cords for installation

Get yours HERE


And of course, the fabric strips! Try one of these favorites…



Uppercase Strip Pack

  • contains 32 strips
  • 16 different colors
  • 2 strips of each color
  • strip size: 2½” x 42″ 
  • Get yours HERE




Wind and Sea Batik Strip Pack

  • used in tuffet online class
  • contains 40 strips
  • 20 different colors
  • 2 strips of each color
  • strip size: 2½” x 42″
  • Get yours HERE


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Mary Ann Hayre

Hey, curds are no more than cottage cheese!

Peggy True

Please know that ‘curds and whey’ NOT way are correct. Plain food – common to farm folk, and comparable to our cottage cheese.

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Love these!