What Do You Call Your Sewing Machine Survey


Do you have a special name for your sewing machine? Tell us all about it in this short survey. We want to hear from you!


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My Featherweight sewing machine’s name was Daisy. Was because over five years ago I put it away due two three back surgeries. For six months I have been looking for her and she I a nowhere to be found. I have searched high and low for her and nothing. I would not have loaned her. Maybe she will show herself unexpectedly I pray.

Patricia H. Williams

I meant to add that my machine is a Singer 503.


Why wasn’t Elna one of the listed brands?

Peggy Bridgeman

I purchased a Sweet 16 Sit-down Quilting machine that I had for two years without ever touching it. I was thoroughly intimidated by it. I finally went to the Handi Quilter Academy and realized that “she” could work wonders. I had just seen the movie Wonder Woman with my daughter and this machine became Diana – the goddess that could make wonders happen! This is the only one of my sewing machines I have named. But I should name my Bernina 1230 if I knew the name of the most reliable horse in the world because she has been a… Read more »

Brenda Wall

I have several machines and only have named my Featherweight (Adella) since I bought it shortly after my Mom died with some money that she left me. Also I have a White Treadle (Clydia) also after my Mom because it was the only sewing machine she had and she taught me to sew on it. Oh how I remember the sore calf muscles after making clothes. My other machines are 2 Janomes – one to have at home and one that I use as a travel machine.

Nancy Evans

My Husqvarna Designer Diamond Royale, named Rita Royale, works like a dream enabling me to sew, quilt, do decorative stitches, and do lovely embroidery. She is a beautiful addition to my collection of various machines, including a Singer featherweight, a Handi-Quilter Avante, and most recently an EverSewn Sparrow 25 machine exclusively for workshops. I feel very blessed to have all my “girls” in working order and at the ready for my next project.

Jackie B

My Dream machine is called “Hope” and she really is a dream come true. I also have a 12 needle Happy embroidery that I lovingly call “Bertha” when she’s working well but then again when she’s not, I can’t publish what I not so lovingly call her! LOL

Garnetta Mallory

I call my baby lock destiny “my corvette “.


Kitty is the name of my Brother SE400. Named after my grandmother (her nickname). She loved to make quilts. :’)


None of my machines have names but, I have 4 sewing machines: a featherweight from 1951, A pfaff embroidery machine, and 2 plastic machines . I used to have a Viking, but gave it to my daughter-in-law . My first was the Singer that I bought when I was 16 and co-oped my Sr. year to pay for it. My mother always had Singer machines.I began sewing at such an early age I don’t know when.


I have a 222 featherweight and is named King Arthur and my 221 featherweight is his mate and named Elizabeth. I have several other machines and use them. I learned to sew at an early age and on a treadle,

Diana W.

I had never really thought about naming my machine, but I decided if it were to have a name, after 50 dependable years, I would call it Betsy. It was called a “portable” when my husband bought it for me, but many years ago, he build a cabinet for it and that’s where it stays. I do have a lighter weight one – a White – that I bought to carry to quilt group, and it hasn’t been named yet, but I think Lulabelle would be a good name for that one. I learned to sew in 4H when I… Read more »