Most quilters love books. They are our source for patterns, beautiful design ideas, and color inspiration. Like the stacks of fabric you love to collect, most quilters have a particular passion for quilting books.

But maybe…

• you wish you could print patterns easily from your home computer
• you’re going on a vacation, and you want to take along some quilting fiction on your new e-reader
• you want to be able to see a close-up view of a new technique for even better detail
• you’d like that long fabric list available for shopping – on your smartphone!

Read anywhere, anytime with AQS e-books! E-books are the immediately-available digital equivalent of traditional printed books. Delivered in its entirety, each book is ready to read and to enjoy on your computer, eBook reader, or even your phone! Click HERE for the index of AQS titles that are available as e-books.

As you click on each of the titles below, you’ll find a few examples of the wide variety of AQS books available in electronic format.

Explore the world of appliqué in Beautiful Wildflower Appliqué, where you’ll find 33 original, botanically-correct wildflower appliqué designs by Master Quilters Guild member Zena Thorpe.

Here’s a guide to fabric dating for quilts that you can take along to an auction or even up to grandma’s attic. Dating Fabrics 2, a Color Guide 1950-2000 by Eileen Trestain is an in-depth reference to the fabrics of the more recent past.

Tradition meets innovation in Sumiko Minei’s Foundation-Pieced Double Wedding Ring Quilts. Her ‘top pressed piecing’ technique keeps the pattern on the right side of the fabric.

Fiction lover? Enjoy The Basement Quilt, the first of a series by Ann Hazelwood. Get to know Anne Brown and the Colebridge community, where the quilts  become characters and life decisions seem so familiar.

Dozens of books are available in digital format from AQS, but here’s one more that you’ll love:

Fabulous Feathers & Fillers: Designs & Machine Quilting Techniques by Sue Nickels will fill your imagination.  Besides comprehensive quilting techniques for incredible feather and filler designs, nine projects and the pattern and instructions for the award-winning Tea at Tenby quilt that Sue created with her sister, Pat Holly, are included.

Of course, to many people there’s no comparison to the touch of a book and a turn of the page; but some quilters are finding a world of take-along beauty and information in e-books.

An added bonus: when a book is no longer in print, the e-version is a great choice for finding that pattern you thought might be gone forever! Because every quilter is different, AQS books are, of course, available in soft-cover binding as well.

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