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American Quilter's Society 35th Anniversary

In 1999, the Y2K bug upset the computer world, everyone was asking, “Is that your final answer?” and the American Quilter’s Society held their 15th Annual Quilt Show & Contest in Paducah, Kentucky.

This year we invite you to join us as we celebrate 35 years of quilting, 35 years of quilters, and 35 years of AQS inspiring, educating, and nurturing quilters who love quilting. Here’s to the next 35!

In this series, we start in 1985 and work our way to 2019 taking a look at the quilting world through our unique perspective. Enjoy the beautiful quilts and marvel at the amazing heritage quilting is because of you, the quilter.

American Quilter Magazine

Volume XV

American Quilter’s Society Quilt Show & Contest

JOIE DE VIE – JOY OF LIFE by Candy Goff won the Hancock’s of Paducah Best of Show Award

VICTORIAN INNOCENCE by Jane Holihan won the Gingher Award for Excellence in Hand Workmanship

BUTTERNUT SUMMER by Diane Gaudynski won the Bernina Award for Excellence in machine Workmanship

KAHALU’U BAY by Valorie Plesha won 1st Place in the Applique, Amateur category

THE FREQUENT FLYER by Jennifer Patriarche won 1st Place in the Applique, Professional category

STELLAR SOJOURN by Kathy Riley won 1st Place in the Traditional Pieced, Amateur category.

RENAISSANCE by Susan Danielson won 1st Place in the Traditional Pieced, Professional category.

PRINCESS FEATHER by Kyoko Suganuma won 1st Place in the Mixed Techniques, Amateur category.

FLORAL SYMPHONY by Betty Suiter won 1st Place in the Mixed Techniques, Professional category.

THE STREAM by Kiyoko Kolke won 1st Place in the Innovative Pieced category

ROSES ON A THORNY PATH by Judy Sogn & Sue Linker won 1st Place in the Group Quilt category.

CHILDHOOD DREAMS by Judith Day won 1st Place in the Miniature category.

CABINS IN THE COSMOS by Lonni Rossi won the RJR Fashion Fabrics Best Wall Quilt Award

SUMMERTIME by Emily Senuta won the McCall’s Quilting Wall Quilt – Hand Workmanship Award

RAPTURE by Bonnie Elliot won the Brother International Wall Quilt – Machine Workmanship Award

FUSION by Vickie Hallmark won 1st Place in the Wall Quilt, Amateur category

MORNING CHORES by Hollis Chatelain won 1st Place in the Wall Quilt, Professional category.

AUTUMN SPLENDOR by Sue Gilgen won 1st Place in the Pictorial Wall Quilt category

TEOTIHUCAN won 1st Place in the Theme Wall Quilt category. 1999 Theme: Bridging the Centuries

BALI ROSE by Jean Lohmar received a Judges’ Recognition Award from Judge Judi Warren

ALL DOGS ARE GOOD by Becky Triplett received a Judge’s Recognition Award from Judge Sally Hatfield

FLORAL RENAISSANCE by Mary Clark received a Judge’s Recognition Award from Judge Anita Shakelford

ANGEL OF THE SEA by Margaret Klein won the Viewer’s Choice Award.

SUNBONNET SUE VACATIONS IN QUILT CITY USA by Joyce Stewart won the Viewer’s Choice Award for Wall Quilt

AQS Publishing put out seven books in 1985.

Quilt Art Engagement Calendar & Wall Calendar

Applique with Folded Cutwork
by Anita Shackelford

String Quilts with Style
by Bobbie Aug & Sharon Newman

Stitch a Child’s Quilt
by Vicki Thomas

Sew Many Stars: Techniques & Patterns
by Gail Searl

Create with Helen Squire
by Helen Squire

Kaleidoscope: New Quilts from an Old Favorite
by AQS

Carrie Hall Blocks: Over 800 Historical Patterns
by Bettina Havig

Applique Basics: Flower Wreaths
by Karen Kay Buckley

Applique Masterpiece: Little Brown Bird Patterns
by Margaret Docherty

Favorite Redwork Designs
by Betty Alderman

Quilted Havens: City Houses, Country Homes
by Daphne Greig and Mark Susan Purney

Flower Patterns: To Quilt, Paint, and Embroider
by Joan Waldman

What were you quilting in 1999? What changes have you seen in your life? Leave a comment below, email us your photos, or share them in our Facebook group, Project Parade.

Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the highlights from the 1999 AQS Quilt Show & Contest.

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