Visit the Quilting World of 1997

American Quilter's Society 35th Anniversary

In 1997, the final episode of Seinfeld aired, George Clooney is named The Sexiest Man Alive in People magazine, and American Quilter’s Society held its 13th Annual Quilt Show & Contest in Paducah, Kentucky.

This year we invite you to join us as we celebrate 35 years of quilting, 35 years of quilters, and 35 years of AQS inspiring, educating, and nurturing quilters who love quilting. Here’s to the next 35!

In this series, we start in 1985 and work our way to 2019 taking a look at the quilting world through our unique perspective. Enjoy the beautiful quilts and marvel at the amazing heritage quilting is because of you, the quilter.

American Quilter Magazine

Volume XIII

American Quilter’s Society Quilt Show & Contest

VINTAGE ROSE GARDEN by Judith Thompson won Best of Show

HELIACAL RISE by Laura Murray won RJR Award for Best Wall Quilt

LE JARDIN DE NOS REVES by Myrl Lehman won the Gingher Award for Hand Workmanship

KETTLE MORAINE STAR by Diane Gaudynski won the Bernina Award for Machine Workmanship

AWAKENING OF LIFE by Mami Noda won the Judges Recognition Award from Nancy Brenan Daniel.

PATH FROM YESTERYEAR by Paula Platter & Candy Platter won Judge’s Recognition Award from Bettina Havig.

ULS2 by Karen K. Stone won the Judge’s Recognition Award from Carol Butzke.

FEATHERED STAR by Barbara Swinea won 1st Place in the Traditional Pieced, Professional category.

CELEBRATION by Della M. Catlett won 1st Place in the Traditional Pieced, Amateur category.

CHERRY BASKET by Darlene R. Scow won 1st Place in the Applique, Professional category.

WABASH ROSE by Mary Drook won 1st Place in the Applique, Amateur category.

CHANGING FOCUS by Barbara Thurman Butler won 1st Place in the Innovative Pieced, Professional category.

ROAD TO THE SUN by Emmie Howard won 1st Place in the Innovative Pieced, Amateur category.

A MANDALA OF FLOWERS by Noriko Masui won 1st Place in the Mixed Techniques category.

STANDING TALL by Suzanne W. Brown and Dorothy M. Brinkman won 1st Place in the Group Quilt category.

DANCING AT NETHERFIELD by Judith Day won 1st Place in the Miniature category.

LAST WALK TOGETHER by Karen H. Sienk won 1st Place in the Pictorial Wall category.

MY PLAID GARDEN by Susan Knight won 1st Place in the Theme Wall Quilt category.

SECOND TIME AROUND by Jane Blair won 1st Place in the Wall Quilt, Professional category.

THE LETTER by Bobbie Sullivan won 1st Place in the Wall, Amateur category.

NATURE’S SPLENDOR by Ellen Heck won the Wall Quilt Hand Workmanship Award

AUNT BERYL’S GARDEN by Amy Chamberlin won the Wall Quilt Machine Workmanship Award.

LE JARDIN DE NOS REVES by Myrl Lehman won the Viewer’s Choice Award.

FALL MORNING by Marlene Kissler won the Viewer’s Choice Award for Wall Quilts

WHEN THE PIE WAS OPENED by Rita Winslow won the Viewer’s Choice Award for the AQS Nursery Rhyme Challenge

AQS Publishing put out nineteen books in 1997.

Quilt Art Engagement Calendar & Wall Calendar

Applique Paper Greetings!
by Elly Sienkiewicz

Borders & Finishing Touches
by Bonnie Browning

Baskets Celtic Style
by Scarlett Rose

Quilts by Paul D. Pilgrim: Blending the Old & the New
by Gerald E. Roy

Transforming Fabric
by Carolyn Dahl

Optical Illusions for Quilters
by Karen Combs

Variegreat! New Dimensions in Traditional Quilts
by Linda Glantz

Four Blocks Continued… Book II
by Linda Giesler Carlson

Mariner’s Compass Quilts
New Quilts from an Old Favorite

Broderie Perse: The Elegant Quilt
by Barbara W. Barber

Surface Textures
by Anita Shackelford

Lois Smith’s Machine Quiltmaking
by Lois Smith

Nature, Design & Silk Ribbons
by Cathy Grafton

Encyclopedia of Designs for Quilting
by Phyllis D. Miller

Celtic Geometric Quilts
by Camille Remme

Bears, Bears, Bears
by Karen Kay Buckley

Neckties Sampler Blocks
by Janet B. Elwin

What were you quilting in 1997? What changes have you seen in your life? Leave a comment below, email us your photos, or share them in our Facebook group, Project Parade.

Take a look back in time with this video from the 1997 AQS Quilt Show & Contest. Take a look at the quilts, meet the quilters, and join in the fun!

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Carol Schreiber

What was the amateur and professional categories all
about? There are no such categories now.

Hi Carol, There used to be a distinction made between quilt instructors/award winning quilters and those who weren’t. It was difficult to create common definitions for each since the most people entering the show wanted to be in the amateur category. Thanks, Betsey

Carol Schreiber

What year did the amateur and professional categories disappear?

Hi Carol, I’ll need to look that up to answer, but I have noticed them dropping off the categories the last couple years we’ve done. It’s been a fascinating journey through the years. Thanks, Betsey