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American Quilter's Society 35th Anniversary

1988 was an Olympic year when Phantom of the Opera was the longest running show on Broadway. In Paducah, Kentucky, it was the year of the 4th Annual AQS Quilt Show and Contest.

This year we invite you to join us as we celebrate 35 years of quilting, 35 years of quilters, and 35 years of AQS inspiring, educating, and nurturing quilters who love quilting. Here’s to the next 35!

In this series, we start in 1985 and work our way to 2019 taking a look at the quilting world through our unique perspective. Enjoy the beautiful quilts and marvel at the amazing heritage quilting is because of you, the quilter.

American Quilter magazine Spring issue 1988
American Quilter magazine summer issue, 1988
American Quilter magazine Fall 1988
American Quilter Magazine Winter 1988

American Quilter Magazine

Volume IV

American Quilter’s Society Quilt Show & Contest


GYPSY IN MY SOUL by Jane Blair won Best of Show

LAVENDER BLUE by Julia Overton Needham won the Gingher Award for Workmanship

DRUNKARD’S PATH won 1st Place in the Traditional Pieced, Amateur category.

NOT QUITE BLACK AND WHITE won 1st Place in the Traditional Pieced, Professional category.

IN DEPTH by Bobbie Fuhrmann won 1st Place in the Innovative Pieced, Amateur category.

CHROMATIC PROGRESSIONS: AUTUMN by Caryl Bryer Fallert won 1st Place in the Innovative Pieced, Professional category.

JAVANESE JUNGLE by Audree L. Sells won 1st Place in the Applique, Amateur category.

MY MOTHER TAUGHT ME TO SEW by Faye Anderson won 1st Place in the Applique, Professional category.

EARTH MOTHER by Jan Lanahan won 1st Place in the Other Techniques, Amateur category.

A BRIGHT WINTER DAY IN MENDOCINO by Vicki Johnson won 1st Place in the Other Techniques, Professional category.

BASKETS AND THE CORN by Jan Lanahan won 1st Place in the Theme: Baskets category.

OVER, UNDER, AROUND AND THRU by Eileen Bahring Sullivan won 1st Place in the Best Wall Quilt category.

DESERT DUSK by Marguerite Malwitz won 1st Place in the Wall Quilt, Amateur category.

RIVERS IN THE SKY by Carol H. Gersen won 1st Place in the Wall Quilt, Professional category.

SPRING FLING by Diane Edgar, Joyce Kassner & Toni Smith won 1st Place in the Group/Team category.

PARROTS IN PARADISE by Anne J. Oliver won the Viewer’s Choice Award.

CINDERELLA by Eleanor J. Carlson won the First Quilt Award.

AQS Publishing put out six books in 1988.

Quilt Art Engagement Calendar and the AQS Wall Calendar (not shown)

American Beauties: Rose & Tulip Quilts 
by Gwen Marston & Joe Cunningham

Irish Chain Quilts by Joyce B. Peaden, published by American Quilter's Society

Irish Chain Quilts: A Workbook of Irish Chains & Related Patterns
by Joyce B. Peaden

Arkansas Quilts
by Arkansas Quilter’s Guild, Inc.

The Grand Finale by Linda Denner, published by American Quilter's Society

The Grand Finale
by Linda Denner

What were you quilting in 1988? What changes have you seen in your life? Leave a comment below, email us your photos, or share them in our Facebook group, Project Parade.

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Jan in Maine

It’s great fun to be reminded of what we liked in the ’80’s. American Southwest was a very popular theme in home interior decorating, Navaho rugs were becoming more popular (and expensive) and Native American pottery was doing the same. I’m not surprised to see it in quilts, too. I went to New Mexico many times that decade and enjoyed it immensely. I wasn’t quilting then — I was caught up in the cross stitch craze but I really do enjoy this look back because I became a quilter in the late 90’s and am still at it now. Thanks… Read more »

Mary M. Filkins, O'Connell Porter

Finally, after many years of wishing, I took a class in Traditional Quilting , with my friend, at the Rochester Museum and Science Center. I’d been trying various crafts, over time. Nothing stuck like quilting. Both my friend and I were hooked. We bought fabric, we cut, we pieced, we bought more fabric. We made our fabric “sandwiches”, quilted and bound. It was non stop day in and day out. i think we finished 5 bed size quilts apiece, the first year. We read your magazine. We mail ordered. Wow! What fire we had! I lost my quilting friend in… Read more »

[…] Jan Lanahan, “Earth Mother,” quilt. Source: […]