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Meet Stephanie Brandenburg of in her own words…

I started a revolution in fabric design about 10 years ago by accident. I began designing for a company in Montreal from my home studio in Iowa. I thought everyone hand painted their designs. I discovered many designs were tweaked from vintage collections or drawn out on a computer program. There is nothing wrong with creating and designing that way it just wasn’t what I was doing.

I was hand painting my art using acrylic paints. My children were young then and they dry faster than oils. I had hand pieced a couple of quilts but was terrified of the sewing machine… then one day, a lady in Hancock Fabrics sold me my first machine. She was delightful and I began to put my hands to the layers of fabric.

I moved on from the company in Montreal officially in January of 2012. I started my own company. I never imagined I would do this but few people really shared my art in fabric mission. So I launched Frond Design Studios, a woman owned, women run company featuring fine art in fabric.

I am so proud of the my team today and the journey we have taken together. I am an artist first, but faced the challenges of warehouse space, import export tax and duty, buying too much buying too little. Those were all issues I have had to wrestle with throughout this journey so it made me truly empathize with merchants and business owners buying my goods.

Frond Shop + Studio grew out of a need to translate our fabric. It is obviously quite different than most fabrics out there in the marketplace today. We wanted store owners and people to be inspired by our work and translate it in their stores or homes. So Frond Shop + Studio was born in 2015. Since then it has been an incubator, creating art and growing innovative education programs like Threadpunk™, our fabric painting class and our kids classes to cultivate a new generation of sewists.

This year in Paducah, we have brand new kits and projects complete and ready for people to create. We have our old/new collection called Frond’s Greatest Hits Volume 1 so people who are just discovering us can get their hands on those beautiful early fabrics.

Our booth is a must-see because the color will inspire you in every way. We are always smiling and having fun in the booth! You will find our brand new collage quilts with our Threadpunk™ techniques as well as our modern look for today’s quilter. Frond Design Studios continues to push the boundaries and are truly cutting edge. You will see Frond is still running with fabric.

Visit Frond Design Studios at AQS QuiltWeek!

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