Viewers’ Choice – 2016 Winners


2016 AQS QuiltWeek – Phoenix
February 11 – 14, 2016

AQS QuiltWeek – Daytona Beach
February 24 – 27, 2016

AQS QuiltWeek – Lancaster
March 16 – 19, 2016

AQS QuiltWeek – Paducah
April 20 – 23, 2016

2016 AQS QuiltWeek – Syracuse
July 27 – 30, 2016

AQS QuiltWeek – Grand Rapids
August 10 – 13, 2016

AQS QuiltWeek – Chattanooga
September 14 – 17, 2016

2016 AQS QuiltWeek – Des Moines
October 5 – 8, 2016

Here are the best of 2016 AQS QuiltWeek Viewer’s Choice Awards. Take a look at these winning quilts chosen by show attendees as their favorite. We’ve taken a vote from among the winners for the AQS Staff Pick. Which one is your favorite?

AQS STAFF PICK:  Stick with Me Kid, Jan Berg-Rezmer, Viewers’ Choice, 2016 AQS QuiltWeek – Grand Rapids

My Sweet House with Kirara, Ayako Kawakami, 2016 AQS QuiltWeek – Chattanooga

Harvest Time on M 22, Sally Manke, Viewers’ Choice, 2016 AQS QuiltWeek – Des Moines

On This Winter Day, Nancy Prince and Linda French, 2016 AQS QuiltWeek – Daytona Beach

Sleep, Pray, Scream, Flora Joy, Viewers’ Choice, 2016 AQS QuiltWeek – Paducah, Syracuse, Lancaster

Why Not?, Angela Petrocelli, Viewers’ Choice, 2016 AQS QuiltWeek – Phoenix, Paducah

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All very beautiful, so much talent.

They are all beyond belief in their beauty and workmanship, but my favorite is “My Sweet House”.The details are amazing! How long did this take her to make?

As a “north-easterner” voting on a cold December day, I find “On This Winter Day” drawing me right in; yet it was entered in Daytona FL! Was someone remembering days of their past or just wishing to experience a white winter? The detail is lovely. Like a good jigsaw puzzle, so much to see. Having actually seen “Sleep, Pray, Scream”, I must say to those of you who did not, it is amazing. Each slat is a three dimensional bar which changes what you see by the angle that you see it from. Hats off to the creativity and execution… Read more »

Judy Gallman

For years AQS has been lecturing on acknowledging quilt pattern designer or inspired by who or whatever. My question is why is there no acknowledgement for ‘Why Not’ being influenced by the pattern by Cindi Edgerton ‘Diamond Log Cabin’? This pattern immediately came to mind from the first picture seen of this quilt. Does this mean no longer have to put references on my quilts or entry forms for local quilt shows?

Judy, You should always reference the pattern, pattern designer, or other source of inspiration. I’ll pass this along to our contest coordinator so she can look into it. Thank you. ~ Sylvia Thomas, AQS Social Media Manager

Angela Petrocelli


Cindi Edgerton’s Diamond Log Cabin pattern was listed as a design source for this quilt. In addition to the book Easy Machine Paper Piecing by Carol Doak. These sources were listed on the entry paperwork and have appeared in every show book giving credit as design sources. Why they do not appear here, I don’t know, but I, as the maker of said quilt, have always given credit where it is due.

Angela Petrocelli

Rhonda Casey

Stick with Me Kid. I saw this quilt in Grand Rapids and fell in love with it. Congratulations Jan!

Mary L Cohen

They are all very beautiful but my favorite – On this winter day!


WOW – ‘On this winter day’ is just beautiful!

Sandra Laws

As a fairly new quilter (three years under my belt or sewing machine), I am amazed that these quilts are made with fabric, thread, and a sewing machine! I have attempted to make an art quilt and failed miserably, but I will keep on trying. These quilts inspire me. Thank you for sharing them with us.

Harvest time, such a splash of colour, thay are all incredile, such talent

Linda Fielding

On This Winter Day – totally charming