Video: The Amazing Eight’s Amazing Aztec


Seven of the Amazing Eight quilters were interviewed in Paducah when their quilt, Amazing Aztec–Nicolor Dream Quilt, won second place in the Group Quilts category sponsored by Innova.

The quiltmaking process traveled through several states. The ladies started quilting together five years ago after meeting online at These quilters from Mississippi, Ohio, Texas, Tennessee, Iowa, Missouri, and Illinois were thrilled to receive an award for this, their third quilt created together. Both of their previous quilts were juried into the Paducah contest in other years, but this is their first award.

Listen to their methods of planning, how they determined fabric choices long distance, and all of the other intricate details (stitch length, type of fusible, thread size) that go into making a group quilt that looks like it is from an individual artist. Plus, you’ll learn about the origin of this unique design!

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