Urban Elementz: Dare to Dream Big


Pizzazz by Patricia Ritter and Melonie Caldwell

Patricia Ritter and Julia Mathis of Urban Elementz share their passion for dreaming big Hoffman’s Dream Big fabric panel…

“Dreaming big is a motivational push of positive encouragement, an incentive propelling growth and prosperity to freshen up your everyday. – Any takers? If the answer is a fat ol’ yes – then hold on to your hat! All of us at Urban Elementz are eager and delighted to offer our Dream Big Quilting Designs for long-arm and domestic machine quilters.

“Hoffman California Fabrics designs and manufactures innovative,  imaginative fabrics, including their beautiful digitally printed Dream Big floral panel. This product is STUNNING (in all caps)! The flower bursts from the fabric, stretching into each corner of the panel. It’s the perfect textural canvas for quilting – and is all the rage of quilters all over the world!

“And just like every other quilter, we were bitten by the bug!

“So what did we do?

“We came up with twelve amazing Dream Big Quilting Designs. To encourage creativity and unique personalization, each design is unique in arrangement and composition but configured to be mixed and matched. Get more than one and release a current of possibilities and create your vivacious, exquisitely distinct, Dream Big quilt.

“Thank you for providing us with constant inspiration and as always, we love your feedback.”

Click here to visit Urban Elementz and see their Dream Big designs.

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