Update on Project First Day, Joplin, Missouri


AQS author Susan Stewart, Pittsburg, Kansas, started the Project First Day to provide a new set of clothes for the first day of school for the young children in tornado-ravaged Joplin, Missouri.

Susan put out the call to all of her quilting and sewing friends across the country to make 1,000 garments for the children. The quilters and sewers responded by sending her 1,440 garments. This was a huge project and you can see by this photo what it took to sort, box, and move all of the garments to Joplin. Susan and her husband loaded 38 plastic tubs and more boxes into a U-Haul on Monday, and delivered them to an elementary school on Tuesday.

Susan’s Update: Distribution of the clothes for the children in Joplin was yesterday evening.┬á Lots of national press were there.

CBS Evening News was at my house to interview me yesterday afternoon, and, barring breaking news, the piece should air this evening. Tune in to the CBS news tonight!

ABC’s Good Morning America ran this piece this morning.

More to come later…

Many of us were able to help with Project First Day when we didn’t know what else to do. Thanks, Susan, for letting many of us be a part of this great project.

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