UFO Taming



UFO-proof your year one project at a time.


Do you ever encounter a project that gets stuck? One of those piles sitting at the back corner of the cutting table doomed to be buried under other projects that were set aside for one reason or another?

After a project hits the dormant phase, say it sits for a couple weeks, pack it up in box or bag.

Be sure to include:

  • Pattern
  • Labeled Parts
  • Binding/Backing
  • Have and Have-Not lists for fabrics
  • Note to Self –  Note the inspiration for starting the project, why it stopped, and who or what it was intended for.

Once it is safely packed away, grab your calendar and look at the months ahead. When would be a good time to complete the project?

List the project in the month you’d like to complete it. Be sure to give yourself enough time to be excited to see it again!

As you continue this process throughout the year, you’ll see your pile of UFOs disappear!

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Cheryl Ringering

I use these totes from the time I purchase my fabrics. Keeps me organized from the beginning and allows me to quickly start or interrupt every project as needed. I also keep pics of each project and fabric in phone gallery so I always know where I am in developing project.


Good on you! I have 20+ years of UFO’s.
Love all the projects, can’t wait to start a new one!
This year I have decided to finish them….one at a time.


My problem is, unless they are for a specific project with a deadline, they go into the ‘when the deadline projects are done’ section. And the deadlines just never seem to go away.
I do put all my fabrics, notions, patterns into either a tote, or tie them with ribbons (small loose pieces in bags) and put them on my quilt fabrics shelving.
I think that working on these sidelined projects would be a great new year’s resolution!


All good ideas! I have set a goal for myself that I have to finish 2 UFO’s before I can start a new project. Over the last year it has made a dent in the UFO stack.