Two-Block Quilt Layout EQ Tutorials


This month we are exploring Two-Block quilts for the Quilt 2018 challenge. Below are two tutorials using quilt design software to audition two-block combinations. This allows you to play with color as well.

Click here for the EQ Mini Tutorial.

EQ8 Tutorial

Step one: Locate the Libraries along the top.

Step two: Open the block library from the drop down menu.

Step three: Browse through the libraries by clicking on them. The blocks appear in the window.

Step four: Select blocks by clicking on them, then click on the Add to Sketchbook button by the arrow. Add as many blocks as you would like to try.

Step five: Select the New Quilt tab.

Step six: Set the number of blocks. Pick an odd number to complete alternating patterns.

Step seven: Set the block size if desired.

Step eight: Select the Design tab.

Step nine: Select Block Tools.

Step ten: Select Set Block. Choose blocks from the tray below and click on the quilt to place them. Select Rotate to change their orientation. Change to Fabric Tools to recolor the blocks if desire.

Step eleven: Click to add them to the sketchbook to save your favorite quilts. Enjoy!

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