Two-Block Quilt Design Tutorial in EQ Mini


This month we are exploring Two-Block quilts for the Quilt 2018 challenge. Below are two tutorials using quilt design software to audition two-block combinations. This allows you to play with color as well.

Click here for the EQ8 Tutorial.

EQ Mini Tutorial

Step one: Select the Start New Quilt tab.


Step two: Select the desired layout.


Step three: Select the Adjust Layout tab. In the dialog box, set the number of blocks. Select an odd number for the alternating pattern.


Step four: Set the size of the blocks if desired.


Step five: Find the Libraries along the top bar and select the Block library from the drop down menu.


Step six: Click on the block libraries to browse through the blocks.


Step seven: Click the blocks to select them, then click on the Add to Sketchbook button to add them to the sketchbook.


Step eight: Select the Design tab.


Step nine: Click on the set block icon along the right hand tool bar. Select a block, then click on the quilt where you want to place the block.


Step ten: Play with the coloring of the blocks by clicking on the paint brush in the right tool bar to change to fabric mode. The fabric palette will appear when you have successfully changed modes. Color the blocks as desired by clicking on a color, then clicking on the quilt where you want to color. Hold down the CTRL key to color all the same blocks at once.


Step eleven: When you like the quilt, add it to the sketchbook by clicking the Sketchbook icon along the top tool bar.


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