Tutorial: Using EQ7 to Make Quilt Labels


After opening EQ7, select Create a new project. Type in the name of the project: Quilt Labels. Select OK.

Go to the Quilt Worktable.

Select Quilt from the top menu bar. Select New Quilt. Select Horizontal.

Select the Layout tab at the bottom of the screen.

Using the Horizontal Layout box, set the number of blocks to 1 (both horizontal and vertical). Set the finished size of blocks to 4″ (both width and height). (Or whatever size you want the inside of your label.)

Go to the Borders tab at the bottom of the screen. In the Borders box to the right, set the border size to 0.500.

Select Layer 2 tab at the bottom of the screen. Select the bottom icon along the right side of the screen. Select the Add/Remove Buttons.

Select Set Applique Text.

Select the Text tool along the right side.

In the Applique Text box, set the font, letter size, style, and justification.

To define the text area, put the cursor in the top left corner of the center square, press and hold the Shift Key while dragging the mouse to the other corner of the box.

Type the quilt label text.

Adjust the text by selecting the Adjust tool at the top right of the screen.

Use the square nodes, highlighted here in yellow, to adjust the text by clicking and holding the left mouse button while dragging.

To position the all the text at once, place the cursor in the center of the text until it makes a four-pointed arrow, click and hold the left mouse button, and drag the text to the desired location.

To color the text, select the Color tool. In the Sketchbook Fabrics and Colors box, select the fabric or color desired by clicking on it.

Color the text by clicking on the any of the letters or numbers. 

To color the quilt label, select the Layer 1 tab at the bottom of the screen.

Select the Color tool along the right side of the screen. Select colors from the Sketchbook Fabrics and Colors box

Once a color is selected, click on the area of the label to color.

To print the label, select File from the top menu bar. Select Print. Select Quilt…

Load printable fabric into the printer.

Select Print in the Print Quilt box.

If you need to change the settings for your printer, select Page Setup…

If you want to preview the label, select Preview.

Follow the instructions for the specific printable fabric you are using to set the ink and attach your quilting label.

Need printable fabric? Visit shopAQS.com.

Do you EQ? If not try EQ7 today!

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Roberta Krieger

It is my experience that “print quilt” – prints a facsimile on 8 1/2 x 11 paper – the size of the printed “quilt” is not adjusted by the definitions in EQ because for obvious reasons a normal quilt design would not be printed full size.
Please explain the sizing recommendation in the directions for the label?

Linda Perry

Is EQ7 Mac compatible?

Deniz Blankenfeld

Thank you for the tutorial, I am very interested in more EQ7 projects and love the screen shot method you are using. Very helpful.