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Among the more prolific groups on are the Batik Strip Swap and the Charm Square Swap groups. While the vast majority of the 90 groups found on MQP involve no interaction beyond your computer monitor, these groups result in a variety of new fabric pieces arriving at your doorstep – including some you may not have seen before!

A Blooming Nine Patch by Carla Walton- found in Projects and Pictures in the Batik Strip Swap group.

Participants send quilt-shop quality fabric to the group moderators by mail when the moderator gives the go-ahead. You’ll need to include return postage, of course. The moderators sort the strips and return them to the participants.

For instance, if you participate in a Charm Square swap of floral fabrics, you send the moderator 10 charm squares of one floral fabric (or the number designated for that swap) – and receive 10 different ones in return!

It’s a fun and easy way to receive small pieces of many different fabrics – resulting, for some, in quilts like the Blooming Nine Patch shown here.

The Batik Strip Swap group has just completed a trade of cotton candy color batik strips, and they are currently enjoying a Free for Fall trade of batiks with a fall theme. They’re doing a Fall Leaf swap, too!

The Charm Square Swap group is equally active, and was the mother-group of the Batik Strip Swap. It uses the same rules, which you’ll find online.

Both of these groups are very active, chatty, and fun to be a part of even when you’re not participating in the fabric trades. You’ll want to keep an eye out for finished project photos, too!

To see the group home page for Batik Strip Swap, click HERE.

To see the group home page for Charm Square Swap, click HERE.

Carla Walton and ‘Chef Lisa’ are the group leaders for both the Batik Strip and the Charm Square swaps– Kudos to them for keeping up with all the swaps at their homes!

The latest news in the Swapping “FUN” is for Everyone group is the Fabulous Fall Block Swap! Fall is just around the corner, and for quilters who love variety, this swap is ideal. It’s a little different from the more specific strip or charm trades mentioned above. The current trade works like this: Each of 12 quilters in the Fabulous Fall Block Swap makes 12 identical blocks of a fall theme, according to the guidelines. Keep one, and send 11 to the moderator. The blocks are collected, sorted, sent, and voila! You can make a whole quilt when you’re done!

Guidelines and more details for Swapping “FUN” is for Everyone can be found HERE.

If you’re not interested in participating in the Fabulous Fall Block Swap just now (the deadline is September 1, 2013), go ahead and join this group, if you like, to be among the first to know the next swap topic. Swapping “FUN” is for Everyone has swapped blocks, charms, fat quarters, and even pincushions! Among their most popular swaps are the Birthday club swaps – those who sign up and participate gain an extra birthday present when their special day rolls around.

MyQuiltPlace groups are fun ways to participate in the worldwide community of quilters! Check it out for many more opportunities to discuss your quilting interests. It’s free and you can easily adjust your preferences to receive, or not to receive, each group’s comments in your e-mail inbox.

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