Top 40 Sewing Machine Names of 2017


Last week we asked about your near and dear friend, your sewing machine. Many of you had beautiful flattering things to say about your beloved machines, and a few of you admitted to some pretty colorful names during technical difficulties!


How long have you had your sewing machine?

  • 5 – 10 years was the most popular answer…followed closely by 10 – 20 years. Two participants wrote in and told us their machines have been hard at work for 65 years!


Do you name your sewing machines?

  • 6 out of 10 respondents said Yes!


What do you name  your machines?

Here is a list of the top 40 most popular names ranked in order…

  1. Bernie
  2. Baby
  3. Nina
  4. Bernice
  5. Bertha
  6. Betty
  7. Lizzy
  8. Elizabeth
  9. Daisy
  10. Big Brother
  11. Janie
  12. Eleanor
  13. Sally
  14. Sadie
  15. Ruby
  16. Pearl
  17. Old Faithful
  18. Matilda
  19. Betsy
  20. Charlotte
  21. Tinkerbell
  22. The Anker
  23. Sylvia
  24. Scarlett
  25. Sassy
  26. Rosie
  27. Roseanne
  28. Rachel
  29. Pfaffie
  30. Opal
  31. Lucy
  32. Lily
  33. Joyce
  34. Josephine
  35. Jenny
  36. Janet
  37. Ellie
  38. Elizabeth
  39. Edith
  40. Big B





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Carol Wilson

Would like to know the most poplar home sewing machines for quilters.
Need to purchase a new one and see so many different ones at the guild sewing days.

Chris K.

This is not what I have, but for a while now I’ve thought the Juki 2010Q would be a really good choice.


I have a couple Baby Lock machines and love them. I’ve tried Janome, Pfaff and Bernina. Baby Lock wins for me. I also happen to have one available, a BL Symphony.


I started sewing when I was 9. Old enough to be in 4-H. I started sewing dolls clothes then my own. when I was a senior in high school I made my own prom dress,. In The process my mother’s Singer died and needed repair. They gave her a loaner, singer Golden Touch and Sew,. I finished my prom dress on that. Then my mom decided to purchase that machine and gave it to me for my graduation present in 1968. I still have the machine and sew on it. It did need some major repairs a few years ago… Read more »

Carol Malicki

So funny to see your post! I got my Singer Golden Touch and Sew in 1966 for my high school graduation present!. The salesman bragged about its 25 year warranty and I still sew with it 51 years later!


Answer to Carol Wilson I love my Bernina 880 for quilting. My sister and I both have quilted at least 20 quilts this summer on our 880’s the throat is wide and there are multiple built in quilting stitches.


i have a 60 yr old Singer, i bought used. Still using it today.

My Baby is a 6600 Janome. I love ❤️ her to bits and pieces. I also keep her clean and very well maintained.

I am a Bernina person Purchased 1st one 1960. In Germany
Purchased 3 more. In life time I have aBernina 1230. a real work horse
And a Bernina Aurora 440 QE. Which should last for the rest of my life
Loved all my Berninas

Deborah Sharpe

Sometimes I name my sewing machine after the previous owner. I have a Singer 215G which was purchased in Germany by a woman named Bertha. Berta is a great little machine. My Singer 403A is named Eleanor after my mother. The first sewing machine I bought was a Brother in 1964. I made my own clothes in high school and a formal for the Honor Society Induction. I’ve owned Singers, Kenmores and Brothers. At 70, I have a new appreciation for the vintage sewing machines….all metal. I enjoy buying old machines at yard sales, estates and thrift stores and restoring… Read more »

Cheryl Kapuler

I have a brother and a singer but also had a babylock which I adored. I have always wanted a Bernina…….have a singer feather weight and wish I had a treadle singer learned to sew on my Grans treadle, My brother is a small light wt one and can take to group sewing events. Metal is too heavy for me to carry now as I am in my 70s. I leaned to sew in 4 H and in High school sewing classes

My sewing machine is name is besty


Interesting most are girls names. My Singer is named Pearl because well “Pearls a singer” looking for a good boys name for my serger/overlockers. Any ideas?

Carolyn Waters

Bought a used sewing machine which is labeled Stretch on the front. What brand is this?

Thanks for the question, Carolyn! That doesn’t ring any bells from that description, but maybe it will for someone else. If you’d like to send a picture of the machine to that could really help narrow it down.

Thanks for this man. Was really in search of something like this. Really appreciate your efforts. Sadie sounds cool to me. 😉