Top 10 Reasons to put a Wall Calendar in Your Studio (or Creative Space)


Three days crossed off on wall calendar, close-up


Do you need an excuse to put up a wall calendar in your quilting studio or creative space? We’ve got ten great ones for you.


  1. Inspiration

…let the images inspire you. Day dream, zone out, let the calendar artwork whisper to your inner muse. 


  1. Keep track of projects

…mark when projects start and end so at the end of the year you have your creative year in review.


  1. Journal the journey

…pick two or three words to summarize the day and write them on the calendar. It’s great to look back and lets the words of yesterday inspire new feelings today.


  1. Selvage the year

…glue fabric selvages to the week when working with different fabrics. Keep the collection going all year. Not only is this a great reference but its a fun review.


  1. Count down

…5, 4, 3, 2, 1 – CREATE!!! Love to start new projects? Mark it on your calendar and let the countdown begin. Let your excitement get those creative juices flowing.


  1. Doodle

…pick up a pen and draw a quilting background fill each day in its calendar square. Use experiences from the day to inspire your continuous line design. At the end of the year, you’ll have 365 fills to inspire you.


  1. Challenge the future

…where will you be next year? Talk to the artist you are becoming. Inspire yourself with challenges you write on this year’s calendar to use next year, encouraging yourself to grow from this year’s discoveries.


  1. Celebrate your way

…make it a holiday! Your art is your world, so make up your own holidays and celebrate them. Record holidays on your wall calendar to be observed in your studio, from Try Something New Day to Paint the Trash Can Day it’s your kingdom, you decide.


  1. You’ve got a point

…we all break needles, we bend needles, our needles even get burrs. Rate your week by taping discarded needles to each day. Not only can you brag it was a ten-needle week, but your feet will thank you!


  1. Don’t forget

…well, of course, there’s always that. Write it down, you won’t forget it.


Looking for a great wall calendar to inspire you? We’ve got just the thing. Take a look at your 2017 Wall Calendar.


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