Toby Lischko’s Kaleidostars Parfait Block



Block size: 17″ square unfinished

This block uses one symmetrical print. The sections of the star block are cut from the same repeat. Choose a bright fabric with many colors and a coordinating tone-on-tone for the background. Use a dark tone-on-tone for the corners. 

Fabric Requirements

Fabric 1:  Symmetrical fabric – ½ yard
Fabric 2:  Coordinating tone-on-tone – 1/3 yard
Fabric 3:  Dark tone-on-tone – ¼ yard



Cutting Instructions

Fabric 1

✸    Cut a set of 8 identical repeats from template A.

Fabric 2

✸    Cut (1) 5″ x WOF strip; subcut into (16) triangles using template C.

Fabric 3

✸    Cut (4) template D triangles.

Block Construction


  1. Start by laying out the complete block to the left of your sewing machine. This block is constructed in eighths.
  2. Sew a Template C patch tot the right side of the top of each Template A patch. Make 8.
  3. Sew a Template C patch to the left side of the top of each Template A patch.
  4. Sew the diamond sections together in pairs. Make 4 quarter sections.
  5. Sew 2 quarter sections together. Make 2 halves.
  6. Sew the halves together matching the center and seams.
  7. Sew Template D patches to the corners.

Want to learn more? Buy Kaleidostars by Toby Lischko today:


Learn one-on-one with Toby in her iquilt class, Kaleidostars.

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What size are the templates? They look huge. Was confusing-thought the actual templates were the small ones on the instruction sheet, then realized no way would they make a 17″ block. My son told me to click on the blue templates phrase. But there was no “this is one inch ” guide on the template pdf either. ??

Hi Sara, Try opening the pdf in a pdf viewer and printing from there. A is 7″ x 3 1/4″ and C is 3 3/4″ x 3 1/4″, D is a hair past 4 1/4″ by the same. Thanks, Betsey


Did anyone try converting this lovely block/idea a 12 inch block?